2022 Presidential Election: Valérie Pécresses Program (Les Républicains) on Social Protection (Infographic)

In his program entitled “The Courage to Do”, Valerie Pécressecandidate for the party Republicans at the election the 2022 presidential electionhas made several proposals aimed in particular at restoring order, freeing purchasing power, reinventing solidarity or committing to an ecology of results.

Retirement at age 65, restoration of child allowance without needs testing, increase in net salary, introduction of a duty of 15 hours of activity per week for any recipient of the active solidarity income (RSA), etc. In the following infographic, Previssima lists the key objectives of social protection of the candidate.


  • Gradually raise the legal retirement age to 65, taking into account difficulties and long careers
  • Make sure no pension is lower than the net minimum wage for a full career
  • Increase survivors’ pension from 54% to 75%
  • Create a status for volunteers, with a quarter of retirement for leaders with 10 years of commitment to a sports, cultural or charitable association

Social support

  • Restore family allowance to anyone without need testing
  • Create an allowance of € 900 / year from the 1steh child up to 18 years
  • Increase child allowance by 15% for families with 2 or 3 children
  • Increase the ceiling for the tax deduction for work at home (from € 6,000 to € 10,000 / year and € 1,500 per child)
  • Create 30,000 additional nursery places
  • Tax exemption for alimony

Business life – work

  • Increase your net salary by 10% over 5 years for those earning less than € 2,800 net / month
  • Allow the ability to convert RTT to payroll, for free and without limitation
  • Allow accumulation of employment – retirement without limits
  • Develop profit sharing and participation to make it a real employee benefit
  • Eliminate taxes and fees for hours worked over 35 hours, without a ceiling
  • Reduce unemployment benefits by 30% in the event of a refusal of education in a sector in tension
  • Introduce a 15-hour activity commitment per week for all RSA recipients
  • Allow the company to negotiate working hours to get out of the 35 hours
  • Index mileage allowances at fuel prices
  • Lower payroll taxes
  • Tax exemption for overtime
  • Create a “young active income” of 670 € / month for 18-25-year-olds participating in training in short-term positions

Health and welfare

  • Create leave, with pay adjustment, for parents who are to stay with their hospitalized child
  • Recognizes endometriosis as a long-term condition
  • Fight against medical deserts via a 4th years of training for general practitioners that they will spend in areas with a lack of resources
  • Increase the remuneration of general practitioners from € 25 to € 30, without increasing the remaining part to be paid by patients
  • Expand the Solidarity Health Contribution (CSS) to reduce the cost of pensioners’ mutual insurance
  • Promote career development for nurses and relatives
  • Create 25,000 nursing positions at the hospital
  • Renovate the hospitals’ status for more flexibility and autonomy

Old age and autonomy

  • Create a real status for family carers
  • Increase the tax deduction for personal services by € 2,500
  • Develop housing suitable for the elderly (housing, family housing)
  • Increase the number of employees working with residents in nursing homes
  • Accelerate investment for universal accessibility
  • Better educate and remunerate the accompanying students with disabilities
  • School children with disabilities in ordinary surroundings whenever possible
  • Deconjugalize the allowance for disabled adults
  • Enables disabled children without income to receive their last surviving parent’s survivor’s pension for the rest of their lives


  • See the social protection programs for all presidential candidates.

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