8 animals that camouflage themselves to survive, unbelievably, I had never imagined that …

Animals: Nature is wise, very wise. She equipped certain animals with the ability to camouflage themselves in order to survive in their natural environment. These animals are often an easy prey for other larger predators, and therefore they have a natural ability to camouflage themselves in the environment in which they find themselves, and thus going unnoticed by other animals or even humans.

Here we will show you 8 animals that camouflage themselves to survive so you can get to know them and be impressed by the wisdom of nature.

8 animals camouflaging themselves to survive

Madagascar geckos, masters of camouflage

Among the animals that camouflage themselves to survive, there is one species in Madagascar known as “Madagascar mad”. This creature has colors that adapt to the environment and can therefore be perfectly confused with natural elements such as dry leaves, fresh leaves, etc.

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These animals live in Madagascar and spend most of their lives in trees. They do not down to earth only to lay their eggs, and it is then that we can appreciate the great resemblance they have to the leaves of the trees, which makes them almost invisible to our eyes.

Stick insects, animals that camouflage themselves perfectly.

We continue this list of animals camouflaging themselves to survive by talking about one of the most spectacular: stick insects. As their name suggests, these insects look like elongated sticks and therefore are very easy to confuse at first glance.

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They usually live in shrubs or trees, and when the sun rises, they hide among the plants to avoid being attacked by other predators. So during the night come out to eat and mate, but their external appearance is ideal for keeping them safe as they look like dry tree branches.

The chameleon, one of the best camouflaged animals.

If we’re talking about perfectly camouflaged reptiles, then we’re talking about chameleons, because they are one of the easiest to camouflage. These animals have the ability to assimilate completely into their environment and thus go unnoticed by other large predators.

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Chameleons can mimic their surroundings and assume a greenish or brownish hue, depending on where they sit. It’s great to see how they can camouflage themselves, even though they are animals that can grow very large.

leaf insect

The leaf insect is another animal that camouflages best in nature. As the name suggests, it is an insect that resembles the color and shape of a green leaf and therefore can go completely unnoticed with the naked eye.

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In addition, these insects present a very strange fact: to date, no male specimen has been found. This means that they are all women and the mating system they follow is known as ” parthenogenesis“. Since the male is not involved in any process, new members of the species are always females.

green larva

Another of the animals that best camouflages itself in the environment to survive is the green larva, which can camouflage itself as much as possible with the area where it lives, ie. branches of plants and their leaves.

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Thanks to the camouflage ability of these green larvae, they can go completely unnoticed by our eyes and the eyes of predators, which is an ideal way to survive as long as possible.

Octopuses, sea creatures that camouflage themselves perfectly.

Let’s move on to the marine environment to discover another of the most surprising animals for their ability to camouflage themselves. These are squid, squid that are able to pick up the exact color of the place where they rest: sand, rocks, etc.

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Why squid can camouflage so complete is that she possesses skin cells that have the ability to adapt to any environment and thus let it go completely unnoticed.


We continue to the bottom of the ocean to talk about another of the fish most sea ​​surprises: the stone fish. It is a very poisonous animal which is also very difficult to detect with the naked eye as it looks like a simple rock at the bottom of the sea.

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The reason he can camouflage himself so well is that he would be prey much easy for other marine predators. But since it is very toxic and easy to miss, it can live longer.

Owls, birds that camouflage themselves perfectly.

And finally, to complete this ranking of the 8 animals that camouflage themselves to survive, we will raise our eyes to the sky to find the owl, a nocturnal bird of prey covered in feathers with color adapted to the environment.

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The color of their feathers is very similar to the color of tree trunks, and therefore they can rest on their branches without being easily traceable to the naked eye. Depending on the owl’s place of origin, it will be covered by a type of fur and some color, but always in such a way that it can camouflage itself in the natural environment.

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