A participant breaks the silence about her harassment, she can no longer bear it!

Married at First sight is an adventure that changes the lives of its graduates. Like a lot of reality TV for that matter. But if their lives change, it is also on social networks that the changes take place. In fact, from one day to the next, the candidates for the M6 ​​show become people to follow. The public discovers them, gets attached, follows their marriage on the small screen and meets their loved ones. It’s clearly impossible for most fans of Married at First sight not to keep learning about them through social networks afterwards. But be careful not to be too intrusive. When more than 100,000 people ask the same question, it can simply be harassment.

Married at First sight puts singles looking for the love of their lives at the center

Romantic at will, this M6 program is pure emotion. Experts analyze the profiles of candidates selected for casting and find the rare gem for them. Because “the most beautiful love stories do not only belong to the cinema”, the M6 ​​does everything to see the magic happen. The public is in suspense for weeks to see if the couples work well. Even better, the candidates are subsequently followed on the networks to check that everything is still running smoothly. For it is not uncommon for couples to get divorced soon after the show. Or that others announce that they are expecting a baby very soon! And it is precisely the incessant questions on these topics that irritate the candidates sometimes Married at First sight. It must be admitted that the couples on this show arouse strong passions among the public!

Especially around Cécile, candidate for Married at first sight 5. She never stops going to Cyril Hanouna’s set to justify her behavior. In the edited photos of the M6 ​​show, certain things raise questions. But it is not she who comes to complain about “harassment” from internet users. She’s actually a contestant from last season Married at First sight who is exhausted! In a recent history on her Instagram account, she simply asks her subscribers to stop constantly asking her the same question in the comments to her publications. This is Elodie, who married Joachim. The couple is still married and their fans are very happy for them. Maybe a little too enthusiastic?

How can one not rejoice in seeing a couple discovered on TV spinning happy days? Especially because by sharing their lives on social networks, they are inviting the public to a place to continue following them in their lives!

Elodie gets carried away and condemns the harassment of some of her subscribers

This candidate of Married at First sight and her potential husband fell in love with each other. Elodie and Joachim are therefore married thanks to M6 and have happy days. They also plan to renew their promises soon. But what interests the fans, therefore, is to know if there will soon be a baby in their projects. And this question has the gift of annoying Elodie. Yes, during each of his publications the same questions arise. Even worse, some internet users keep an eye on the slightest morphological change in the young woman. If her stomach points a little bit in relation to the posture she is taking in one of the pictures she shares with them, they cry “baby bump”.

This is too much for the couple who constantly find themselves justifying on this topic. Elodie then grabbed her phone to make one history very explicitly. She highlights a comment from one of her fans and certainly responds to all those who insist.

“No No No. Thank you for stopping this harassment, I can no longer answer this damn question on every post,” she proclaimed.

Can she have peace now that things are clear? Not sure these 100,000 subscribers have all received the message. It’s actually one of the unfortunate sides of the infamy that the candidate for Married at First sight experimenting. This is therefore probably not the last time she loses her temper.

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