Again in love, Philippe Lapeyrie confides in his new relationship

As a teenager, Philippe Lapeyrie experiences the intoxication of the first feelings of love with a woman he met during the holidays, during a trip to Mexico.

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After love at first sight, wine columnist from Hi hello threw himself into a beautiful sentimental chapter of great intensity, and which he desires must be infinite. “I live in an incredible love story with a super girl!” welcomes Philippe Lapeyrie, who seems happy as a child.

In December 2020, Philippe and his ex, Pascale, went to mediation to see if there was anything to be done to save their couple. “We tried, but it did not work.” So he ended up as a single. He met Véronique abroad. “For parties, I went to Mexico to host a band.” She was a part of it. “We exchanged messages and emails. And when we got back in January, we saw each other and it took five minutes for us to know it was clicking.

During the year he was single, Philippe realized that he was not meant to be alone. But he did not believe that he would reconnect to the flame of love anytime soon. “My friends used to say to me, ‘You have to see, this is going to happen to you.’ Me, I said to myself, ‘Yeah, that was it …'” And yet that was exactly what happened “Our first meeting was not too prepared, without expectations … and it clicked! From there I wanted him to discover my universe, to take him with me everywhere and to topple. She follows me.”

January 9, 2022 is now their official couple date. “And since then, it has never been complicated. This is out of the ordinary for me! I did not think that could happen! ”

They are from two different worlds. He talks about his love of good bottles in the media. She works for a bank. “And I can not manage a dollar in life.” But she loves gastronomy, good wine and traveling. “That’s what makes us get along well.”

He has two children, she has one and they are in harmony. “Her boy is five years old. And mine: Théo, who turns 7 in April, and Thomas, who turns 12 in May. Véronique lives the same reality as me, and our three youngsters get on well.

And there are lots of other things that make it work well between them. “His family is sad and open-minded. And we just spent two weekends with my mom, my sister and my friends who have been the same for 40 years and everyone loves it! They tell me, “She’s amazing. She’s simple, funny and does not take care of anyone else!” Everyone I present to her has nothing but good things to say about her. ”

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The two lovers plan a lot of things together. “Soon we’ll be diving in Cozumel for a week and she’s going crazy with me! She bought some equipment and went to take diving lessons. Every weekend she follows me on an escapade almost everywhere, in Saguenay, in Sherbrooke. “We go from one region to another. There is always a glass of wine and food in between.” There will of course be excursions to vineyards and they are going on a cruise in September. “We’re going to Croatia, Italy and Greece.”

They are both skiing. She is interested in the activities he does. “When I go to play hockey, she comes to see me. I’ve never had a blonde do it. “And most importantly:” She takes me with all my faults, without judging. “Isn’t that beautiful ?!

How does Véronique cope with the fact that Philippe often has to get up at dawn? “Because she has a little son, she also gets up very early.” And how does she react to the fact that her lover is famous? “With the mask, people recognize me less, so it’s not that bad. But the best thing about our story is that she did not know what I was doing in life when we met. It was his mother who told him. She had my book in her library. I think it’s cute, and I appreciate Véronique even more for that! She does not love me for the wrong reasons. ”

Philippe Lapeyrie is a wine columnist Hi hello and to hey hey weekendwith VAT.
The sommelier also talks about his passion on the radio, on Énergie and on the program
Véronique and the fantastic on weekdays in Rouge.

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