Alain has definitely ended up in oblivion!

Since the end of season 5 of Gift at First Sight, Cécile has experienced an upheaval in her daily life. Divorce, relocation, new companion … and new job for his daughter Anissa! In fact, her 18-year-old daughter took advantage of the spotlight to get a job at an influencer agency. But beware, his mother takes care of the grains.

“We only make quality product placements, not drop shipping. I hope all of this opens Anissa’s eyes to another world that is not superficial.” thus communicated Cécile. “I supervise Anissa on partnership requests, I placed her in an agency because I do not have time to manage everything. She is only 18 years old, I want her to grow, feel good in her head and find a steady job. » added the young divorcee.

“The only word that comes to mind is ‘waste’.”

Cécile did not expect to be divorced from Alain. In fact, experts had predicted 83% compatibility! They had also fallen for each other. The viewers thought they would end their days together. And yet, hell! An unfortunate quarrel has distorted their idyll.

During the final assessment, however, Cécile acknowledged that they were not made for each other. ” We started a divorce case. When I see the end of the story with Alain, there is only one word that comes to mind, it is ‘mess’. We both had great potential. This is one that could have matched me completely. I think it’s a waste, but it’s how it is“,

The problem is that divorces really are not given! Because you have to pay legal fees and take legal action. Fortunately, the production has decided to reassure the candidates before committing to the show. “We facilitate divorce when we organize marriagesexplains Virginie Dhers, director of programs at Studio 89 Productions at Parisian.

Leave Alain, make room for a new lover!

With the award for each candidate by a lawyer. They can also call in their own advisers. Without having to pay costs must outwithin one year of the broadcast of the program »she continues.

This is how Laure, candidate for season 4, testifies about her own divorce from Parisian. with Cyril, “It was no longer possible to continue. We did not have the same view of the couple. I then contacted the production, who organized it all. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out ”. The divorce was thus pronounced.

Cécile had no trouble getting on. As a 41-year-old, she has to tell herself that life is too short to waste time. For Saturday, June 5, 2021, she already announced in an Instagram story that she had found a new treasure. ” I’m not someone who lives in the past and I’m in a relationship. (…) Not with Alain, but I met someone“, She had actually shared with a subscriber.

The show’s spotlight has also turned his life upside down. In an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Fritidshe had explained the harsh consequences of her sudden fame. “I even hastened my daughter Anissa’s return home to protect her.” impressive. It’s borderline uncomfortable. People do extraordinary things and fail to draw attention to themselves and us because we spend two months on TV … “she continued.

“We’re coming to my house and I hate it”

On Sunday, May 16, she again expressed her dissatisfaction on her Instagram account. “This fame is fleeting. You are recognized from one day to the next. It is not easy. People come to my house and I hate it.”she lit in a story.

This time, she did not hesitate to point the finger at the responsibility for production. “Thanks to the production that filmed my home, in addition, I have to move … They also call me at night on my phone. ” Fortunately, Cécile still has some positive experiences. “But otherwise it’s just goodwill with people who are happy to meet me on the street.

Only then is her new lover, who prefers to remain anonymous, not used to being exposed on the street. “For now I want to protect him”, she said. For the latter is not used to being picked up on the street by strangers. “When I walk down the street, I get recognized and I know what attitude I should have … But he’s far from all that. So it scares him a little bit.”developed Cécile.

Cécile promised that she would share “a few moments” with her beloved on social networks. “But you do not want to see his face”, she clarified. Some will be disappointed!

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