Angeline Bilodeau and Amazon France: “Women must dare! »

Angeline Bilodeau, who arrives in France in 2021, is the day-to-day manager of Amazon’s distribution center in Augny, Moselle. This Quebecer with a prestigious background believes in diversity and equal opportunities. She hopes to see other women in positions similar to hers in the years to come.

My responsibility is first and foremost everyone’s health and safety! “When she talks about his mission within the Amazon Robotics warehouse in Augny, located a few kilometers from Metz, Angeline Bilodeau does not immediately present herself as the daily manager of the place. This energetic Quebecer works among the employees in the field. ” I define myself as a leader who encourages participatory leadership. I want to listen to people, discussions are important to reach the best decision. »

This positive state of mind, which provides all her space for communication, gave Angeline Bilodeau the opportunity to develop during her career in the technical profession. As a mechanical engineer by training, she worked for 18 years at aerospace factories that manufacture and repair aircraft parts. Then she seizes the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and join an Amazon Robotics fulfillment center in Toronto. ” There are similarities between an aircraft factory and a parcel distribution center “, she explains.” We find the same priorities: employee health and safety, establishing a comfortable working environment and delivering orders to customers on time. Aircraft engines or Amazon packages, it’s a bit the same! she smiles.

From Toronto to Augny, the same goals

After two years of working in Toronto, Angeline seized the opportunity she was given to attend the launch of an Amazon distribution center in France. This is the Augny website, the second distribution center equipped with Amazon Robotics technology in France. ” I was particularly interested in participating in the launch of a website. The Amazon France team was looking for someone with my profile, my experience and who spoke French. For my part, I wanted to go abroad, my husband too. Our kids are adults, they stayed in Canada and we were able to start this new adventure together! »

Angeline arrived in France more than a year ago and does not regret her choice. ” I have always worked in a great multicultural diversity, and I have the feeling that from the moment we have a common goal, even though not everyone has the same history, the same experiences and origins, we work better together. »

More women in key positions? We’re working on it!

When asked about her status as the sole female director of an Amazon center in France, Angeline Bilodeau can only admit a certain imbalance. ” In aeronautics, there are not many women. At Amazon, there are many we have generally achieved parity when looking at all employees. In fact, this year we achieved a score of 99/100 on the equality index! Where there are still opportunities is at the site manager level “But she is optimistic: We work every day so I am not the only one in France and we are making great progress! Today, there are many women in highly qualified positions just below the site manager. In the coming years, the situation will change. »

Waiting, Angeline is very involved in business mentoring, and participates in internal conferences to meet employees. Inevitably, it inspires its status. ” Very often women come to me and tell me that my position motivates them to move on. And me, it also motivates me to be a source of inspiration for these women. »

When a woman comes to her for advice, she always gives the same: I tell him he must dare! Dare to apply for a position even if she is not sure she is 100% ready. Women tend to be less daring where men go for it, even if they are in doubt. As a woman, it is sometimes difficult to feel completely legitimate. You must dare to find out! »

But work is not everything: I also tell them that they need to prioritize a happy and fulfilling life. Career is not all you need to have a rich life. It is often a very short discussion, because for me it is very clear that one can have both. And Angeline does not only recommend this to women: I say exactly the same thing to men who come to ask for my opinion “. Something to inspire more than one … and more than one.

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