Anissa (10 perfect couples) balances on Lila Taleb’s attitude and on her relationship with Ahmed

Anissa punctured the fifth season of 10 perfect pairs. The young woman who confessed to having “very bad experience“the footage, however, returned to this adventure”rewarding“for her. For Tele-Fritidthe candidate confided in her relationship with Lila Taleb, her former best friend, her ex Ahmad and on the mentality of some of his former roommates.

She wanted to release herself as the betrayed boyfriend

Tele-Fritid: As for your relationship with Ahmed, Lila told us, “she preferred to betray her friend to exist in the fairy tale“How would you react to that?

Anissa: She’s a liar. When Lila got along with Ahmed, she got closer to people who did not like me, and started talking bad about me, as she does with everyone else. I had personal life issues on the set. She was the only one who knew. Eventually, everyone knew it. I did not want to associate with such people anymore. I no longer calculated her too much before the facts she blamed me for. When Ahmed came to talk to me, I said to myself that it would be strategically interesting to do something with him. After all, I did not have this idea in mind to sit down with him. Although I liked it a lot, it is undeniable.

What is your version of this story?

The evening before, I told Lila that Ahmed had made a grant to me. She took it badly. I told him I had no plans to do anything with him. And then she said to me “how do you want me to do? I have to stay with. I like it and in addition I need it to make sequences.“I warned her at least.

How do you explain her reaction in Love Box when she sees the pictures of Ahmed approaching you?

She pretended to learn it at the time and acted shocked. No tears fall from his eyes. And then I say to myself “I want to be the bad guy“when I had done things right. From there I decided to go to Ahmed. That’s the real story. She wanted to disguise herself as the betrayed and humiliated boyfriend.

For you, therefore, Lila was not sincere in the program?

Lila is not sincere at all. She did everything to get sequences. Journalists called her “Gossip Girl”, so she was in all the dramas. The editor-in-chief was tired of her little game when, for example, she found out what I just told you, laughing three-quarters of the house. They do not understand why she cries without tears.

He is someone who seeks show and fame

In the passages you express regret towards her, which is in contrast to what you say today, why?

I regret how things turned out. I’m a straightforward person. Maybe I should not have reacted to Ahmed’s approaches. I put myself on edge with myself, and it created what it created. Afterwards, at the program level, it farted, everyone wanted to see the drama Ahmed-Anissa-Lila, but hey, I do not have the right place.

The other couple had a stable relationship, why was your relationship with Ahmed so tumultuous in your opinion?

Jordan, Tom or Anthony do not have the same mentality as Ahmed. These are people who are not specifically there to please, they have done so before. Ahmed is a great seducer. He is someone who likes the show and fame. He is constantly seeking recognition from others. He will always prove that he can please everyone. It flatters him. When he is alone, he is an interesting person. He is cool.

During the ceremony hosted by Nicolo and Virginie, you vote for Ahmed in the category of the most manipulative, why?

I have no problem saying what I think. Ahmed is a manipulator. When he went out with me, his only goal was to create buzz. We liked each other, but his real goal was to make sequences, just like everyone else. When he comes up with his bizarre statements to Sarah Lopez, it’s the same.

He behaved like a child

Did you believe in your love story outside the villa?

In my head I did not know. I know myself. I knew it would not work. I told myself we could try, even though I did not have much hope. After, you know, the emotions in an affair are very strong. When we return to normal, we see it.

What happens between you when you return to France?

It went well. We saw each other, we called each other. But his behavior prevailed. Sometimes I learned that he was not where he told me he was. He behaved like children, which I do not want. Eventually, I warned him once, twice, and he would not listen. I did the same thing, which made him angry, so I decided to look up. I had already been through this with my ex.

If you had to do the program again, would you change your mind?

I think it was not a good thing to behave as I did. When I saw myself on the screen, I got a slap. I had to stop beating myself up and get upset about certain things. Eventually I tell myself that I may have missed cool things and good times. My goal is to develop myself, I understood what I needed to change. It was, after all, a blessing in disguise. I got personal wealth.

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