Are you eligible for the activity bonus written up by 1.8% on April 1, 2022?

Like the RSA, the activity bonus that CAF and MSA pay each month to more than 4.5 million French people will also be revalued up to the annual inflation observed in the previous period, ie. +1.8%, April 1st.

Activity Bonus (PA): revaluation of annual inflation

Like the RSA (increase of +1.8% on April 1, 2022), the Activity Bonus (PA) will be revalued at the level of the annual inflation observed in the previous period, ie. +1.8%. From 1 April, the maximum lump sum for a single person will thus be € 563.68 per month (€ 553.71 in March 2022). For a single person with a dependent child, the amount increases to € 845.52 per child. month and € 1,014.62 for two dependent children.

Activity Bonus (AP)

The activity bonus is an income supplement that has been in effect since January 1, 2016, after giving rise to an initial payment in February 2016. This support for low-income workers has since replaced the employment bonus and RSA activity. It was established by Act No. 2015-994 of 17 August 2015 concerning Social Dialogue and Employment. It is paid monthly to 4.5 million recipients and is given on income terms to adult or self-employed workers as well as to certain wage earners and apprentices. Payment of the premium is secured at the request of the Family Grant Fund (Caf) or Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA). The purpose of the activity bonus is to avoid a fall in the standard of living on returning to work after a period of unemployment, but also to supplement the income of young people aged 18 to 24 entering the labor market.

Who can be eligible for the activity bonus?

To be eligible for the activity bonus, you must meet all of the following conditions:
– Has a professional activity and receives modest income
– Stay in France in a stable and efficient way.
Simply make the request on the CAF or MSA website, depending on your affiliation.

One time amount

The lump sum (the basic amount for calculating the activity bonus) is equal to € 563.68 from 1 April 2022. This amount can be increased depending on the composition of the household and / or if you are in an isolation situation. This increase is called a markup.

Increase according to household composition

The rate for this increase is:
– 50% for the 1st extra person,
– 30% pr. extra person,
– 40% pr. extra person in addition to 3rd person if the household includes more than 2 children or dependents under 25 years.

Supplement for insulation

If you are a single parent, ie single, divorced, separated or a widow with a maintenance obligation or pregnant, the lump sum is increased. This increased lump sum is granted from the month in which one of the following events occurs: declaration of pregnancy; birth of a child; child care; separation, widowhood.

The increased lump sum may be granted for 12 months, uninterrupted or uninterrupted, for a period of 18 months after the event. This amount varies depending on the number of dependent children. If your youngest dependent child is under 3 years of age, the increased lump sum will be granted to you until it is 3 years of age. The increased lump sum is equal to 128.412% of the lump sum. In addition, 42.804% of the basic amount for each child.

How is the activity bonus calculated?

The size of the activity bonus is calculated taking into account:
– on the one hand, a lump sum that varies according to the composition of the household and the number of dependent children, to which must be added 61% of the household’s earned income. This amount can be increased taking into account each worker’s earned income. This increase is called the bonus.
– on the other hand, the resources of the household taken into account.

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