Attack on Titan: Could Eren be the father of History’s baby?

By Juliet Faure

Posted March 24, 2022 at 12:36

Since the revelation of Historia Reiss’ pregnancy, Attack on Titan fans have been wondering who the baby’s father could be. One theory stood out: could Eren be the father, or is it another man?

While the last anime episode of Attack of the Titans will be broadcast on April 3, many fans wonder who could be the father of Historia Reiss’ baby, Queen of Paradise. So far, Historia has had a relatively small presence in season 4, which has spawned a lot of theories about the significance and influence her child may have on the story, but also on the conclusion of the arc.

In recent times, two predominant factions have developed within the fan community, each with a different theory of the nature of History’s relationship. One of the fan groups believes that the official story that the child’s father was a farmer that Historia knew as a child would be true. The other group, however, had a hypothesis about itEren Jäger wanted to be the true father and companion to Historia.

Does History’s pregnancy have a specific purpose?

In section 69 entitled ” beautiful principles“, broadcast on February 14, 2021, viewers discovered that two years earlier, with the help of Sieg Jäger and Jelena’s Anti-Mahr Mercenaries, Paradise Island had managed to make contact with its former ally, Heazuls land. Kiyomi Azumabito, sent by Heazul, had then met with the leaders of Paradise to begin negotiations on a partnership between the two nations. Kiyomi, however, confessed that he wanted to get to Paradise for that purpose Meet Mikasa, who turned out to be the lost child of their country’s shogunate. It will later be assumed that this negotiation was in fact only a pretext on Heazul’s part to request resources from Paradise. In return for the said resources, Heazul will support Sieg’s three-step plan to protect the island.

The first part of the plan was that Paradise tests Grand Terrace to show the rest of the world a glimpse of the power they have, but also to intimidate the citizens of other nations and thus control them. After this demonstration of power, Heazul would then have offered his military support to reinforce Paradise’s army, so that the threat of the great earthquake would no longer be necessary. This meant, as Kiyomi Azumabito pointed out at the time, that the founding Titan and a Titan of royal blood be transferred.

With regard to the transfer of the Titans, Kiyomi had also specified that Sieg should transfer the Titan beast to someone of royal blood, and that until their death, that is, 13 years after receiving the Titan beast, titanium holder should have as many children as possible. Since Historia was the only known person of royal blood who did not inherit a Titan, it was therefore her duty to receive Bestial Titan and therefore to multiply as much as possible. The young queen also acknowledged that if Paradise were to be protected, it would be up to her to sacrifice herself. She thus decided to accept receiving the Titan Bestial while having as many children as possible in the time she would have..

Is the young farmer the father of History’s first child?

Shortly after this scene, Historia appears in a rocking chair, visibly several months pregnant, insinuates that the scene takes place several months after the negotiations. The only person accompanying her is a young man who asks her to come back to the house because she has to take care of herself.

Later, several military police officers are seen discussing History’s pregnancy. Roeg, a senior officer, is also seen making negative remarks about Historia and saying ” Talk about a queen! It’s nothing more than a small move … Besides being a glimpse of Roeg’s opinion of Historia, it is above all a reflection on the partner chosen by the young queen, choices that Roeg totally rejects because of the young man’s social origins.

Naile Dork also intervenes to reassure Roeg, while explaining the nature and origins of the relationship between Historia and the young man. Take effect, the two young people are from the same region and knew each other already in childhood, the young boy enjoys throwing stones at Historia to attract his attention. It is only later that he will seek to redeem his behavior by coming to work at the orphanage that the young queen has opened. Naile strongly suggests that it was the will to redeem herself, but also the boy’s kindness, that would have led to the birth of a romantic relationship with Historia. Through this conversation, Dork claims that Historia is free to choose his partner and that background checks of the young man have been made by the military. He also wants to emphasize that he is not under the control of anyone. The explanation from Dork therefore suggests that the story has been confirmed by several sources.

Is Eren the father of History’s children?

Despite this explanatory scene, many fans were not convinced, not least because the farmer was never seen or even mentioned outside of this episode. It can actually be weirdan event as important as History’s pregnancy becomes so common, even disappointing. That was what made many fans wonder, believing that there was definitely a lot more to discover than meets the eye.

The first element that made fans shake is History’s facial expression as she finds the young farmer. In fact, the young queen was complete stoiceven though depressed. It is not really the expression one expects to see in the face of a person who is happy to be reunited with an acquaintance or a loved one they have lost sight of. Especially when we know that History must start a romantic relationship with the young man. Against this background, some fans have therefore wondered that Historia might not be with the young farmer and that the story told by Naile Dork would be partially false.

It is thus possible that the farmer was merely used as a cover to protect Historia, Eren and their child. In fact, if the Paradise Army or a foreign nation were ever to discover that Eren was the father, it is not impossible that the leaders would try everything to capture Historia and the child to put pressure on Eren to prevent it from triggering the great earthquake. This hypothesis would then explain the lack of chemistry between Historia and the young farmer, but also why the two young people are not married. The reason why the young farmer would have agreed to participate in this plan, however, is quite obscure, but the explanation could be found in the story told by Dork. So instead of being with History of Love, the young farmer would above all seek to be forgiven for his behavior in childhood.

Also, a wrong story element has led fans to believe that Eren is the father of History’s child. This is the timeline of events between the start of Eren’s mission to Mahr and the start of the young queen’s pregnancy. In fact, Eren would have traveled to Mahr shortly after Historia became pregnant, and 9 or 10 months later, she would therefore give birth during the great earthquake. Of course, it can also be a simple coincidence.

Finally, in the paper manga, it is revealed that Frock Vorster is not the only person who knows of Eren’s true plan. History also knew about it. So that could mean that having a baby with Historia was part of Eren’s plan to protect Paradise and restore him to his former glory. While Frock’s role was clear, History was not. And if Eren took the risk of explaining his plan for History, that should be a good reason. Fans therefore wondered if their relationship was more than friendly, especially since Eren could not tell Armin and Mikasa about his plan.

So who is the real father of the Child of History?

Although this second theory is particularly interesting and may prove convincing, it is essentially based on assumptions. Nevertheless, it is quite understandable that fans of Attack of the Titans, given Hajime Isayama’s regular use of cliffhangers, believes that the Child of History is part of a larger purpose within the plot of history. However, it may also be that the relationships and the overall Historia ended in a more even way than many had hoped.

While the timeline of events between the fat of History and Eren’s departure for Mahr may be strange, even suspicious, it would be more surprising if Eren were the child’s father and part of his plan. In fact, Eren had come into black rage when he understood that Historia would be used as a political peasant in the land of Heazul. Using Historia in his own plan would therefore be particularly hypocritical on the part of Eren. It is therefore more than likely that the real father of History’s child is the young farmer. And although the relationship between the two young people is somewhat complicated, it would make more sense to wonder if Historia is really in love with the young man, or if she is with him to protect herself? As a reminder, last paragraph of Attack of the Titans sent on April 3rd Crunchyroll and wakanim.

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