Aurélien (Married at first sight) has found love, discover her new treasure

Experience Married at First sight did not go quite as Aurélien had imagined. And for several reasons. Either he was unlucky or he played a role? A bit of both? At least things have changed a lot since then. We give you news about his love life.

Married at First sight: a failure for the twins

Aurelian from Married at First sight lived a half fig half grape experience as they say. At the base, he was selected along with his twin brother, whom he is very close to. It was magical for them, their dream was finally to come true. This adventure, they had begun to imagine it together. In addition, it would have been the first in the program, two marriages at first glance. Unfortunately, Mathieu’s challenger was very stressed and she preferred to give up. A great disappointment had gripped the twins. But very quickly, Mathieu had supported his brother. Aurélien had to go to the end of his story and he should not miss it.

When he sees Marianne at City Hall, it’s a kind of love at first sight. The beginning is perfect. They have things in common and they like each other physically. With 78% compatibility isare experts in Married At first glance did not laugh at them. But again, nothing went as planned. If you followed the show, you could see real character differences on basic elements. Marianne is an independent woman and she loves her freedom while Aurélien is jealous and a bit macho. Under these conditions, it could not hold between them. So for Aurélien and Marianne, the story comes to an abrupt end. Married At first glance was a big disappointment for them. Moreover, this is perhaps the season’s biggest failure. Thus, the beautiful brown this year is not at all satisfied and we can understand it. He claims that the angry portrait is the result of the program’s editing. But apparently he quickly got over this situation. Who is his new girlfriend?

Love, it goes, it comes …

June 28, 2021, Aurélien from Married At first glance publish news on his account instagram. And we have the impression that his heart is no longer to be taken. The young man had a good time in Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin, in Hauts-de-France. And he was not alone … Yes, a mysterious Gina followed him. You can discover a magnificent jacuzzi. After this zen visit to the SPA, we could understand that they were having a romantic dinner. Aurélien shared some photos with the caption: ” A big THANK YOU to @sparagone_spa for your welcome and for this relaxing evening and night spent in your company. A pure moment of happiness in this magnificent private relaxation area of ​​60m2 with accessible jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, massage table, high-tech equipment (light intensity regulator, sound)“.

And what puts the flea even more in the ear are his hashtags, which mean everything: “ love “and” love“. Gina’s face has not been revealed on social networks, but she is well identified with each release. We can not wait to know a little more about her and their budding story.

When one twin finds love, the other finds it too

It is known that the fusion twins end up finding themselves on their journey. May 18 on the set of TPMPMathieu admits to Cyril Hanouna that he has recently found love. “I had a great meeting. It’s one that was touched by my person. We exchanged and in the end, at the moment we are taking our time and we will see.” he explains. Finally, the time for reflection ended quickly since he formalized his relationship with Nathasha on social networks on Monday, May 24th. In fact, Mathieu publishes a photo on his account instagram. We can see a young woman from behind kissing her …

The two twin brothers of Married At first glance may not have found love in the reality show, but it had to be fate. Better people were waiting for them at the end of this adventure. In any case, they are both in heaven and we are happy for them.

Finally, we will have understood that love is not an exact science. And the numbers are not always right. Of course we do not forget Marianne and we also want her to find her other half!

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