Childbirth care in Burkina: The shocking testimony of her husband to a woman giving birth in a maternity hospital in Ganzourgou

Dr. Issaka Sondé shares with readers this testimony from the husband of a midwife admitted to the Paspanga Maternity Hospital in Zoungou, Ganzourgou Province, to draw the attention of healthcare professionals to their responsibilities to patients.

On March 18, 2022, Radio Oméga told us about the case of two midwives and a Maieutiker who had been imprisoned in Koupéla for manslaughter. This case does not seem isolated and is actually only the tip of the iceberg. That night, March 22, 2022, we received the testimony of a visibly panicked victim who did not know which saint we should turn to. Here is the full transcript of his testimony that we received.

“Good evening. How are you? I would like to inform you about what’s happening to me tonight at the Paspanga Health Facility, Zoungou Department, Ganzourgou Province in the Central Plateau region.

This evening my pregnant wife had a stomach ache and I had to take her to the CSPS maternity ward in Paspanga. When we arrived, a lady was on duty there. When I went to see her and announced the purpose of our visit, she scolded me and asked me to go back to see an agent who is on the other side and tell him to come and see because she is currently busy . I then went to find and inform two agents who were together. They told me that at this point they are no longer working and that it is the lady who is on duty. I came back to report to the lady. She asked me to go back and she comes. She did not come, however.

My wife lay on the floor writhing in pain alone without help. Long after, the baby’s head was almost out. Very worried I came back to inform the lady to come because my wife is very tired and risks giving birth alone without help. The lady asked me to go, because before she finishes her work, she will not get up. She said I should not rush that way. In this context, I no longer knew what to do.

I was desperate. I went back to the delivery room and found out that my wife was almost done giving birth alone. The baby was completely out and lying on the ground. I then even lifted the baby to move it and laid it on a loincloth. I quickly went to call the two agents to come and see, but they categorically refused under the pretext that they were coming down from the service. I came back to see the lady and asked her to get up and come and help my wife, but she neither listened to me nor answered me.

Eventually, she decided to come and see and found out that my wife had finished giving birth alone. That was when she started threatening me and complaining that I was not telling her that it was at this point. I was so angry, but I kept calm and failed to answer him.

By the grace of God, so far so good with my wife and baby too. So I wanted to tell you that. I do not know if it is separation. Honestly, this health center does not give us any satisfaction. Regularly when we get there we have to continue to Sapaga due to lack of reception and care. I took my wife there tonight because it was at this level that she had made her prenatal consultations. I was very scared tonight, but I thank God. Honestly in this CSPS, the agents are very negligent, especially towards Fulani.

The two agents I had visited finally came to me and invited me to a house to explain to me the reason for their behavior, which would be due to the lady’s poor cooperation. When it’s their turn to duty, the lady never comes to help them, no matter what the emergency is. They said that even yesterday, on the night of March 21, 2022, a Fulani woman was received there for childbirth. Eventually the baby died, but until tonight the lady did not come to find out what happened.

That’s why they would not help the lady tonight either. That’s how we were treated tonight at this health center, and I wanted to tell you that. If you were not far away, I would have called you on the phone so you could talk to the major to understand the situation and help us. It is hard to accept that a woman comes to a maternity ward and is left to give birth alone without help.

This is how we are treated in our bush health facilities. They just asked me to understand them that it is not their fault. For me, as soon as we arrive at a health facility, any health worker we find should help and assist us. However, the two agents like the lady were not busy this evening.

When the major came, he really apologized for being away and asked me to forgive what happened tonight. He assured me that if he was present, things would not happen like this. »

So for all intents and purposes, this is how some healthcare professionals behave in our healthcare facilities. This is unacceptable. Strong a collective consciousness!


Dr. Isaka PROBE

The baby finally died

We learn that the newborn mentioned in this testimony, after respiratory problems, was transferred on Wednesday morning from CSPS in Paspanga to CMA in Zorgho. Then on to Ziniaré CHR, where he sadly died Thursday morning.

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