Comoros: The death of a pregnant woman whose husband refuses a blood transfusion shocks the country

The doctor tried to explain to the man the danger to his deceased wife if she did not get the blood she needed. But he opposed it, while the woman suffering from severe anemia had given her consent. Another drama that revives the debate about women’s place in Comorian society.

Since Wednesday, we have only talked about this story, revealed on Facebook by the doctor himself. According to the doctor’s report, everything happened a few days ago. A pregnant woman presented herself at the hospital, a center located in the northern part of Grande Comore. After examinations, we find that she suffered from severe anemia, ie lack of blood (red blood cells) and therefore required an acute transfusion, otherwise the worst could happen at any time. » I explain the problem to the patient. She understood very well“, Said the doctor in his post, which has gone viral. The problem, the patient poses a condition: her husband must give her permission. This is where things get complicated. Since this will not accept. » I call the man and explain to him the situation of his wife, but unfortunately he categorically refuses to be transfused. I try to convince them by showing the patient that it is her decision that counts and not her husband’s because her life depended on it in vain., ”The practitioner continued. After this incident, the patient returns home. The next day the worst happened. She succumbs to the fetus.

After the publication of the information, there are many who want to overpower the doctor. According to them, he should have done everything possible for the transfusion to take place, to save his life.

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In the wake of the celebration of World Women’s Rights Day, such a story could not go unnoticed. The subject even shares opinions, though some try to assert the code of ethics that governs the medical profession to excuse the doctor. » I think the doctor did nothing wrong and did what he was supposed to. The patient was discharged against medical advice by refusing treatment, being warned of the fatal outcome, ”Clarified, a local surgeon who chose anonymity. His argument is shared by many general practitioners like this doctor of Comorian origin who practices in France. » I had a military case of a Jewish patient who was hospitalized in our service and who had severe anemia. He refused the transfusion because he demanded blood from a Jew he died. And there were no lawsuits“, he added, before remembering that as long as the patient does not show mental impairment and agrees to sign his discharge (his release against the doctor’s advice), then the doctor is exempt from any responsibility. And legally? In that regard, Me Abdoulbastoi Moudjahidi believes , that the doctor respected the patient’s will, which is free to interrupt or refuse treatment under the Health Act.However, this text allows, according to the lawyer, to perform actions “essential to his survival and proportional to the patient’s condition. It is not necessarily the treatment that is rejected, he will specify. The question that comes up is whether there will be an investigation? Comorian Health Minister Loub Yacout Zaidou just forged a tweet, published Wednesday. » This kind of drama must appeal to more than one. Never again such injustice. The woman needs to know how to say no to her husband’s old whims“, She wrote without announcing anything.


But for part of the statement, this “despicable” act highlights the discrimination to which Comorian women are subjected, who are taught to submit to men’s orders. Badiant Halifa Elbeit, an ardent defender of women’s rights, goes so far as to use the term feminicide. According to her, the responsibility for this tragedy lies solely with this company. who educate girls to obey their husbands, and who also humiliate those who are divorced or unmarried“. The deceased had actually explained to the doctor that she could not accept the transfusion because her husband threatened to divorce her. » The influence is a sign of psychological and sexual violence. Ask men to see women as human beings and not objects at their disposal“, Claims Badiant, in a post posted on his wall. Because for her, “this woman died because her husband decided it.

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