convicted of the murder of her husband, she provokes recurring violence

On September 12, 2018, the gendarmes were called around 10pm in Noyal-Châtillon-sur-Seiche (Ille-et-Vilaine). At the other end of the phone, a woman in a panic says her husband is dead, stabbed many times. When the soldiers arrived, Jean-Pierre’s body lay close to the gate with no upper body. His wife, who says she traveled urgently to her son, arrives, dropped off by a motorist. Heard in police custody, she will first promote the presence of a masked man who would have injured his finger before confessing: it is actually her who is the cause of the victim’s death. Vera Lucia, 45, is therefore from this Tuesday charged in the Assize court in Ille-et-Vilaine, charged with murder.

The start of the evening has never really varied. That same evening, this woman, who has dual French and Brazilian citizenship, sees her husband – with whom she is divorcing – return from her job at PSA. After dinner, she takes the car to have a drink in Rennes, but eventually turns around to cope with the household chores. Jean-Pierre is installed on the ground floor in front of the computer and the television. She goes upstairs to put some laundry away and comes down again. It is there, according to the version put forward by Vera Lucia, that her husband makes insults, insulting remarks. Jean-Pierre even twists her finger to get her out of the living room.

Disguise gloves, knife and mask

Apart from the fact that for years, she repeats again this Tuesday from the quay, she has been subjected to violence: verbal, physical, psychological and even sexual. It’s once too much.

She walks upstairs where their seven-year-old child is. In the bathroom, in front of the mirror, “I say to myself that it was not a life that we could not continue like this“Vera Lucia, who was making a tincture, is wearing latex gloves. She grabs a long knife from the bedroom.puts on clothes and shoes belonging to her husband, puts on a ghost mask (“of Scream”, an investigator will be called to testify at the bar). She cuts off the power to force Jean-Pierre to come and see what happens.

“I wanted to kill myself”

It is on the sequel that the versions work against each other. She assures him, “I wanted to kill myself, let him find out it was me later … “ But nothing goes as planned. Jean-Pierre sees him. A fight ensues, during which he receives a first stab wound. Readings and autopsies will determine that he eventually dies. stuck 18 times, between the rear kitchen and the courtyard of the house, near the gate where the body will be found.

At the hearing, Vera Lucia acknowledges “I stabbed him, after that I can not remember.” She repeats that she did not try to kill him. Despite the president’s attempts, which do not hesitate to push her around, she will not say more. He even gets annoyed when the accused no longer looks at the court and blows, “I’m already convicted.”

The version of the defendant who was questioned at the hearing

“18 stab wounds and you would not kill him?asks the lawyer for Jean-Pierre’s family, Master William Pineau. He launches: “If you have experienced his violence, you have the right to talk about it. If you have not experienced them, you are doing something that is difficult to accept, are you aware of that? “Yes”, answers Vera Lucia.

Questions, for Jean-Pierre is described by many as a discreet, kind man, hidden behind his wife, who takes care of his son and his partner, from previous unions. A few months before the facts, despite the initial divorce case, he even takes his wife to the airport while she goes on vacation to Brazil with her new companion. A portrait that contrasts with what the accused is saying, beatings, burns from cigarettes or hair irons, rapes in his sleep.

Defendants risk life imprisonment

The lawyer for the couple’s son, Maître Anaïs Joly, asks: “He was here this morning, he came because he needs to know, needs to understand. What do I say to him tonight?” “That his father hurt his mother“, Answers Vera Lucia.

Defense Attorney Gwendoline Tenier, she, trying to make his client’s condition heardas she says she has experienced. “In other circumstances, women’s voices are heard, there it is not.” She takes her client with her to reconsider her suicide attempts in prison. “I did not deserve to be alive, I took a man’s life.“But “the fact that you have suffered this does not justify, it does not excuse anything”, points out his lawyer. “None”, recognizes the accused. The trial against him is set to last until Friday. She risks life in prison.

There are several numbers available to help women who are victims of domestic violence. © Radio France
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