Coralie Caulier (ex-The Mysteries of Love): “I have always written”

Coralie Caulier was temporarily retired from filming, and was part of the adventure of the mysteries of love, before illness dragged her back, to an office where she has just written her second book, which is expected full of positivism. A past story that has a chance to end well, therefore.

Gaël Brulin for Hi Coralie and welcome to To begin this interview, I offer you a brief portrait of your person, which you can then correct or complete when it suits you. Are you ready for it?

Hi and thanks for receiving me on I am in!

The general public knows you for being one of Hélènes and her boys’ new faces in the series Mysteries of Love. A disease as debilitating as it is “obvious” [NDLR : Coralie propose le terme “invisible” comme qualificatif d’apparence] will have forced you to withdraw from this artistic environment fairly quickly. But by grabbing your life, ankylosing spondylitis will have given birth to a hymn in you, then a book that recounts your journey, thus allowing you to transfer your strength to a wide range of patients who were ignored. Today, you continue to connect with your audience on social media, with a surprisingly strong closeness to a public figure. Are we close to reality here?

This short portrait actually reflects my career well. I was fortunate, through these life adventures, to retain public support, and that represents an invaluable force to me. It is also this closeness that you mention; a strong bond! It’s also what drives me to keep creating, especially with the birth of my new book.

Unlike your previous and first book (“Never Again Alone! Though …”), the one coming out tomorrow (“Pernille’s 12 Mythically Wonderful Works”, still published by Sud Ouest) is no longer overtly biographical. How has this new writing become easier and conversely made more complicated?

It is actually no longer autobiographical at all as it is a fiction. It’s a novel, my first novel! I can not say whether writing was made easier or harder by anything, but what I do know is that writing has always been a no-brainer for me. I have always written short stories, lyrics, stories. So if there is one thing that helps my writing, it is the desire and joy I take for it. The only point that tickled me a little while I was writing this novel was the hope that readers would like it. But I wrote it with sincerity, and tomorrow its future will no longer be in my hands!

“Pernille’s 12 mythically wonderful works”: “a well-being novel” with practical exercises

If you were to get someone who does not know that you would read “Pernille’s 12 Mythically Wonderful Works,” what words would you use to convince them?

I would say that this novel, which is a “feel good” novel, is a book that by definition feels good, and I think right now we all really need it! This is a well-being novel where the reader can go through the story with Pernille, the main character, as an initiation journey. It is a positive story full of adventure and encounters, love and friendship. It is also a look at itself, at life and its value. In short, a living epic to take another look at your environment and find yourself! And to end by convincing, or at least making people want, I will specify that as a bonus, at the end of the novel, the reader will find sofrological tips to put in place in their own daily lives (da I myself am trained as a sophrologist).

When was the project born in your mind?

It’s going to sound cliché, but the idea was born during the very first incarceration. I was at home, in the special atmosphere that we all knew, I had time to write and a great desire to get back to it. I also needed a fresh breath, and I read on social networks all these testimonies of illness that testify that many also needed the same breath. So I started writing this book using my knowledge of personal development to construct a useful novel! It is the desire to flee that is the origin of this project.

The answer seems obvious, but after “Pernille’s 12 Mythically Wonderful Works,” are you going to continue your career as a writer (or writer, it’s up to you)? And if so, do you already have the topic of a future book in mind?

My notebooks are full of ideas, my head even more, so yes, I would very much like to continue! I think I will never stop writing with the wild hope, of course, of being read for a long time. I like fiction, the novel, and in fact the subject of a future work is already well established in my head. I’m even, I admit, a little more advanced than that on the question!

If we were to remember, ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that you have learned to live with. How are you today ?

I know the ups and downs. The chronicity of this pathology precludes any linearity. But writing helps me a lot. It’s a way for me to travel, to capture moments out of time, out of pain. Writing is therapeutic, I’m sure!

The Mysteries of Love: “unforgettable moments” experienced with the actors

A few years after you returned to the series for the reunion, do you keep in touch with actors from The Mysteries of Love?

With some, yes, with others less, and that’s normal. But they all supported me. Already by the time my clip “Grande Patiente” was released, they had responded with support videos that really touched me. I lived with those unforgettable moments.

How do you feel about the series if you continue to follow it?

I have a benevolent look at this series as a former actress on the team, a nostalgic look too in relation to all the old characters that shook my youth and an admiring look in terms of its longevity!

Thank you for the time you have given us for this interview, and may the best be with you in the future.

Many thanks and good reading then!

“Pernille’s 12 Mythically Wonderful Works” (Sud Ouest editions) will be published on Friday 25 March 2022 at a price of 22 euros in book and e-book formats. Its author communicates on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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