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The dating show was launched in 2016 Married at First sight surprised when it was put on the air by its concept … Unpublished! Getting married to a stranger: at the time, the program was controversial. It does matter, it quickly finds its audience, and it’s a rating success for the M6. So this year it will already be the fifth edition of reality TV. Uh yes! We will soon discover new singles in search of the rare gem. As you can imagine, the film footage was strongly affected, like all other program footage, by the health crisis. The experience of these bachelors had to be put on hold for a few months. Date of broadcast, couple, recordings … Here you will find all the important information about this next year!

Married at first sight – film adaptation

When the recordings for the fifth season were in full swing and the singles were eager to meet the person who had been associated with them, the recording had to stop. Usually unions are shot in June. Due to sanitary conditions, these had to be postponed until September! We can imagine that the wait (eight months between the compatibility tests and the ceremonies!) Must have been endless for the candidates. Contacted by us, the town hall in Grans told us that the unions had been held in September. They were celebrated by Mayor Yves Vidal – since he was re-elected in the last local elections – in the parking lot outside his town hall. Covid commits. The honeymoon took place in France.

Married at First Sight – Release Date

The 5th season launches on Monday, March 8, 2021 at. 21:05 on the M6!

Married at first sight – the graduates

This year, 14 participants will participate in the experience. If some want to stop the adventure along the way, others seem to have found a soulmate when one of the candidates got pregnant during the filming, five months after her wedding! A first in the show who has already seen the birth of three babies (outside of filming). Another surprise, twins have tried the experiment! Two boys who since their childhood have dreamed of getting married at the same time. Finally, the production of the show wanted to expand the age of the panel of its graduates by welcoming two 41-year-old contestants, Cécile and Alain. Single parents, how will they manage their potential mixed family?

Married at first sight – the experts

Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin, two program experts, have returned for this season 5. Both are clinical psychologists.

Married at first sight – soon a gay association?

A next edition with a gay association is strongly considered by the production. After thinking for a long time, she found a way to organize tests between people of the same sex. “We’re still working on it“Producer Kamila Fiévet-Paliès said during the press conference last December.”And that was it, I finally found a trick to do the casting effortlessly“, she added. In fact, during previous editions, she had explained to us the difficulty of organizing test workshops. , to make them pass the famous scientific tests on which the concept of the program is based.These workshops are organized in such a way that women and men never cross paths.If the production should decide to include same-sex couples, should therefore imagine new workshops to respect the original concept, which wanted couples to marry blind.Note that this has already been done in some foreign versions.In the world, Australians were the first to organize a same-sex marriage It was in season 3 of 2016.

Married at first sight – former participants

Only three couples formed by the program are still together! They are Tiffany and Justin, who had both met outside the camera during the first edition, and Vivien and Charline, united in season 4. The flagship couple in the first edition of the program, Justin and Tiffany welcomed their second child. It’s a little girl named Zélie. As for Vivien and Charline, the good news was announced on Tuesday, July 21st: they’ll be parents soon! In the previous season, we also met Joachim and Elodie. Both have also settled down together and are very happy. As for Delphine and Romain, if their beautiful story lasted more than a year, they are no longer together, which the candidate explained to us in an exclusive interview in which he detailed the reasons for their separation.

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