Emma (Married at First Sight) finally reveals the real reason for her separation from Laurent!

After Marianne’s revelations a few days ago, today it’s Emma’s turn to reveal the real reasons for her breakup with her buddy. The candidate for Married at First sight thus agrees to reveal the exact circumstances of his separation from Laurent. Discovered in season 2 of the now famous show, lovebirds have effectively put an end to their lives together. Objeko explains why.

Married at First sight : Emma got divorced! She reveals everything!

A real mess

All fans of Married at First sight clearly remember Emma, ​​the friendly candidate in season 2. United first to Florian, she will finally put her view on another participant in the show. In fact, after the separation of Laurent and Vicky, the young woman turns to the divorced one. They quickly fall into each other’s arms and never leave each other. But despite their deep and sincere feelings, their story will experience a real disappointment. The interview by the agency DPB Agency agrees the 30-year-old today to tell everything.


In fact, Emma recently claimed that she was no longer in a relationship with her buddy met on the set of Married at First sight. During this meeting with the press, she therefore returns to certain details regarding this breach: As I mentioned, I’m single. I’ve been alone for about ten days. It is not a matter of infidelity, lies, lack of love. None of that, on the contrary. I speak for myself. Laurent, I love him, I’ve always loved him. But now we made this decision together because there are incompatibilities for the future. We did not want to waste our time, so that was it, it was our choice. We are not on bad food, on the contrary.

A difficult life to cope with

During this interview, Emma explains that her fame thanks to her passage into Married at First sight changed his daily life deeply. In fact, thanks to her new status, she has become an influencer and this activity takes up a lot of her time. However, she never gave up her job as a pharmacy assistant. Then she would manage everything directly. That is why the daily life with his companion experienced real difficulties in light of his very intense activities. She also specifies that she has been searching for the right formula and the right balance for a long time, without unfortunately being able to find them.

The candidate for Married at First sight thus wants to be completely transparent on the subject. »I have to be honest … It took me a long time to find my balance! I worked during the day, I worked overtime because I am always very invested in my job. So in the evening I put myself fully on social networks! It cost me a break and accumulation of a lot of fatigue, so I asked myself ” . Clearly, his couple really do not want to have survived this life on time. His companion may have felt neglected and excluded from his daily life. From then on, the young woman made a big decision. Objeko tells you more.

Another way to imagine the future

Emma seems to have understood the lesson. It actually seems obvious to juggle between a satisfying family life and a professional activity that occupies all of his time. Today, the young woman then decided to revise her priorities. Clearly, her work and her new status as an influencer remain her primary goals. On the love side, she therefore prefers to slow down for the moment. The former participant of Married at First sight has thus refocused its goals.

In this interview, Emma concludes by explaining that she has now learned to manage her time differently. “Above all, I take a little more time for myself, it allows me to save energy and be more efficient in the two jobs afterwards”. Apparently, Emma got exactly what she wants in life. And nothing seems more capable of making her deviate from the path she has chosen for herself. In any case, here is a new candidate for Married at First sight who had failed in love. But in reality, the show is nothing more than a reflection of life. Unfortunately, couples meet, love each other and then separate. No matter where the first feelings are, it sometimes seems like a difficult challenge to find the rare gem to share one’s life with. Still, some do. The reason why hope is always allowed.

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