Frédéric (Married at First Sight) comes with a great message: this crazy experience …

If we had been able to predict it for Frédéric, he would never have believed it. In any case, hang on because it changes him from Married at First sight !

Frédéric, more surprising than ever!

When she talks about her experience in Gift at First Sight, Frédéric’s ex does not take tweezers. Deeply tired of decoding criticism on social networks, she explains her appearance to us. Yes dear readerObjectDespite a high compatibility percentage, Cupid did not succeed in his mission to reassemble the pieces. What a drama! Since its first episode, the program has certainly created controversy. Who wants to reconcile life with a complete stranger? But during imprisonment, it was not easy to find the rare gem. So why not at least try to avoid remorse!

Frédéric: Goodbye to the apologies in 2021!

Even worse, she admits, she could no longer stand the fact that he was constantly out of step with everyday life. For example, do you remember that episode with the sushi? In writing, no one can forget it as the situation was so inconsistent. But that’s not the only fault she found in him.

For Frédéric, a day without singing is definitely lost. But given the repertoire that runs in a loop at home, we are entitled to ask ourselves serious questions. Completely glued to the Walt Disney cartoons, he can memorize the lines and melodies. So much so that all this will end up annoying his bride.

Gradually, we notice that misunderstandings and then tensions settle in the couple. At the time of the balance, the decision knocks the duo’s fans upside down. How sad to come to this conclusion after going through all this! Always optimistic and believing in his lucky star, the contestant did not know that 2022 had the most beautiful surprises waiting for him. In top secret right after the adventure Married at First sight, the producers finally spot his talent. This call, he will never forget it!

2022, the year of all challenges?

This Instagram post by Frédéric can not leave anyone indifferent. We all perceive the young man’s feelings. Just by reading the caption, we understand the great significance of this turning point. “THE BIG JUMP. I decided to respond positively to the invitation I received to take my courage in both hands and go on stage to sing on March 5 at 8pm in the beautiful performance hall of St Witz (95). » He concludes by alluding to what happened on the M6. “Thinking about the fact that a few months ago I hid in my car to sing …” Thanks to these five words, he describes his paradoxical state of mind. Unlike the heroes in the favorite movies, he is far from calm. “I can not wait, but I’m scared !

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) mapr_5

Imprisoned by this exciting project, Frédéric doubled his efforts. As he proves in his story, he tells us his schedule until D-Day. It is repeated until next Saturday. My first scene. » Objeko realizes that he really does not understand what is happening to him. That’s why he seeks the goodwill of his fans with a smile. Even if they consider it to be so of “another crazy experience”, he invites them to go there. Who knows, maybe he will meet interesting people? In any case, we wish him that everything goes as his most beautiful dreams of a man-child!

And now ?

By reading the comments on Frédéric’s Instagram, the editors ofObject overcome by emotions. So we can not even imagine what he is going to catch on his side. Whatever the galleys, always there for him, his subscribers show their support. From the four corners of France, many believe in him. Motivated by so much love the former participant of Married at First sight just have to prove themselves on stage. Maybe the start of a new career? We wish him all the best in the universe and the surroundings. Next issue and see you soon for other adventures!

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