From prisons to the city, from love to death, from literature to music

The place in the city

The festival takes place from 8 to 10 April at the Place de la République in Metz, and the festival is committed to long-term actions – as stated at the meeting on 9 April, Writing in Prison. While the Goncourt jury has just created a Goncourt Prize for Prisoners, Le Livre in Metz is arranging a meeting with novelist Sophie Cherer and videographer Aurélien Zann.

A few prisoners, a novelist, one or two teachers, and a videographer barricaded themselves within four walls for thirty hours. It’s not about going out. It’s not an escape game. It’s about going into oneself and relating to others and finding the words to say it. This is a writing workshop, several of the participants will speak to the public. (18.00, Big Top Chat)

In the same vein, philosopher Alain Guyard will speak on April 9 and 10 at Espace Food Trucks: Not even afraid of death, Not even afraid of lovetwo meetings at 11.30 am taking over the public space.

Because eating and drinking keep the senses awake, we nourish your mind: Saturday and Sunday at aperitif time, market philosopher Alain Guyard asks the public about basic questions. The goal? ” To put philosophy in all its states, outside the walls of the university and high school, far from the manic intellectuals and posers. Put it in prisons, hospitals, bars, concerts, neighborhoods, deep in caves and on the street. »

With his teasing, he always excites the crowds!

The artists react to each other

But transversality also implies that art can respond to each other: Music, literature and even photography will have the opportunity to talk to each other. The restoration of a workshop bringing together the first two will take place at Arsenal in collaboration with the Cité musicale-Metz.

Twenty young allophone students from the UPE2A class at Paul Valéry College in Metz discovered the basics of photography and musical creation accompanied by photographer Olivier Toussaint and songwriter Ginger McCurly. On an original soundtrack they produced themselves, they discover photographs and texts inspired by the theme Not even scared as newcomers to the territory, in the city or even in school. (April 8 at 11 a.m.).

An evening of reading Afghan poetry, marked by musical scenery, will take place on April 9 at 20.30 While Afghanistan dives into darkness again, women and men try through poems to make their voices heard, to fight and hope. The new Afghan poetry evokes as much the struggle against obscurantism as the hope of a better life and the demand for selected loves. With passion, audacity and courage. A musical evening show …

It will bring together the Afghan poetesses Belgheis Alavi and Hadia Armaghan, the French and Belgian poetesses Maud Thiria and Catherine Barsics and the Afghan filmmaker and musician Barmak Akram. All hosted by Maud Thiria and Olivier Weber.

And young people will not be forgotten: Among many others, a workshop in India ink and musical reading will be held at the Chapiteau jeunesse on April 8 (7 to 10 years by registration at 17.15 / 18.15).

Experience the techniques of Indian ink drawing and let yourself be carried away by a musical reading of In the heartby author Nada Matta. This timeless moment promises a journey across borders to discover Lebanon and its history.

An exhibition to talk about the Earth

Finally, note the exposureLegacy, a life as a photography instructorby Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who started on 8 March and finished on 22 May at Arsenal.

Throughout his career, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has photographed and filmed Earth, Man and Animals over and over again. The exhibition offers a thematic rather than chronological reading: from the first photographs taken in Kenya in a hot air balloon, to the cattle where the owners pose with their animals, through his portraits of the French and his great project “Earth seen from heaven”, here is a overview of the world.

This very photographed Earth, he saw it change.

The influence of man can be seen from heaven. What the images show, experts and scientists say in numbers, and they are alarming. The photographer’s leitmotif: “acting makes you happy”. With his photographs, films and the GoodPlanet Foundation, he works to raise public awareness and develop concrete solutions for a more responsible lifestyle, more respectful of the planet and its inhabitants.

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