Hugo Manos, Laurent Ruquier’s companion, reveals cash his salary in TPMP People

Hugo Manos is a famous influencer, especially known for appearing in reality TV shows. Today, it is on Instagram and on TikTok that the young man is the most fashionable. And he’s enjoying a new fame by becoming a columnist in the new formula of TPMP moderated by Matthieu Delormeau, TPMP people. Object can tell you that the young man is also even more popular as the public is sure that he is in a relationship with the famous animator Laurent Ruquier. It had been a few months now that parton of Big heads appeared in the video content of her lover. And it was not until February 12 on the set of TPMP people that the handsome Hugo Manos finally formalized his romantic relationship.

It should be understood, however, that on the set of TPMP people, revelations abound. Hugo Manos is therefore the author of a new self-confidence that has been circulating online since he revealed his salary in full live!

Hugo Manos plays cards on the table, without the language of wood

Matthieu Delormeau’s program can only benefit from the presence of young Hugo Manos in his team of columnists. Take effect, TPMP people scores points with the public thanks to the handsome man’s intervention. And Object does not hide from you that his presence is enough to attract the attention of the public. Because being in a relationship is one thing, he nonetheless remains very charismatic to his fans. The latter allows himself to dream of each of his publications on the web or each of his television appearances. In order not to miss Hugo Manos’ next intervention in TPMP peoplemeeting every Friday from 19.10 on C8.

It is even very important not to miss the next issues of Matthieu Delormeau’s program. On March 17, Cyril Hanouna had actually warned the host. If the hearings are not scheduled for TPMP people, the C8 program could stop abruptly. Hugo Manos and his colleagues will therefore no longer be visible on C8 every Friday night.

“I already know that on Friday I’m there. So for TPMP People I would like us to take a few seconds to talk about this show. I’m discussing with the chain about a renewal of the issue. Saturday you have a new “If you do not get 550,000 viewers, it’s unfortunately bananas. If you do more, we’ll go to about forty shows.”said Cyril Hanouna to Matthieu Delormeau on the set of TPMP.

A pressure for Laurent Ruquier’s companion?

Nothing seems to shake the calm of the beautiful Hugo Manos. Maybe he benefits from his lover’s experienced advice? In fact, Laurent Ruquier knows all the features of television by heart. But perhaps also that the work as a columnist for Hugo Manos only intervenes as a salary supplement. He is, after all, a skilled influencer.

Not only does he seem to be able to escape all kinds of external pressures, he also does not allow himself to be destabilized on the set of TPMP people. Like when he found himself again, Object told you above, to reveal his salary in full live. It is therefore necessary to go back in time a bit and remember the number where Matthieu Delormeau invited Amandine Pellissard on the set. This star of Families many: life in XXL, a TF1 program, is also visibly very comfortable in front of television cameras. While the program’s columnists tried to figure out her salary thanks to her work as an influencer, she managed to divert the subject.

For this she even dared to ask Hugo Manos how much his salary was at TPMP people. “And you, how much do you earn here? », she told him. But she should not expect, and no for that matter, that Laurent Ruquier’s companion does not answer the question. “Right here? I earn about 1,400 euros a month.”, replied Hugo Manos without taking the time to pause. However, her honesty did not convince Amandine Pellissard to reveal what she earns each month through her activities on social networks. She must actually consider that she is being harassed enough, as it is by her critics.

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