Husband, children, famous father, “Old couple” with Olivier Minne …

Sidonie Bonnec celebrates her 45th birthday on February 25th. Her husband, her children, her famous father, her talent for singing (yes, yes), her “old couple” with Olivier Minne … Secrets of the hot journalist driven by her taste for adventure.

Sidonie Bonnec celebrates its 45 years old February 25th. The bubbly journalist who has lived a thousand lives has found his place in the hearts of French viewers. But do you really know the endearing host? His famous father, his relationship with his spouse, his children’s first names, his “old couple“with Olivier Minne … Discover the secrets of this big-hearted adventurer!

Sidonie Bonnec: her famous father Yannick Bonnec

Sidonie Bonnec is the daughter of Christine Jegouzeau, medical assistant, and the former professional football player Yannick Bonnec. Because of her father’s job, she moved around a lot as a child, from Aix-en-Provence to Brest, via Nîmes, Martigues, Vannes and Lorient.

Sidonie Bonnec: who is her husband Jérôme Korkikian

Sidonie Bonnec spins the perfect love with Jerome Korkikian, director and producer of documentaries. Together they become parents Bonnie Roseborn in August 2014 and Timothy, who was born in October 2018. It is clear that the lovers lead a balanced life as a couple. “I’m lucky to have a man who helps me a lot. He makes documentaries and works at home, which also allows him to take care of children and give them clues. In addition, we have share daily tasks, which helps me a lot. As a 40 year old I am completely happy, I have an amazing husband, two children that I love and I host two shows of my dreams“, She had confided in Women’s magazine.

Sidonie Bonnec explains the names of her children

If Sidonie Bonnec chose to call her daughter Bonnie Rose, it’s because she and her husband especially liked the names Bonnie and Rose. “We decided to keep both and make it a mixed first name, invented and original. My little girl is a moving princess‘, his strong personality perfectly matches his first name, both masculine and feminine. She is dominant by nature, sometimes playing the role of director, business leader, inventing stories, making us sing around a table“, She had confided in Women’s magazine.

Relative to first name of his son Timothythe host likes “both its ending full of sweetness, and the beginning of this first name with a dynamic sound“.

Sidonie Bonnec, criticized for her age

The host became pregnant with her second child at the age of 40 … which gave her one a lot of criticism of his age from embittered internet users. But the journalist chose to brush them aside! “We need to stop stressing women with their biological clock. All women are different. I thought I would be followed more medically in this pregnancy, but my doctor told me there was no reason due to. I was still young and healthy. So that was me so much the more proud to be pregnant as a 40-year-old“, She had explained Parents.

Sidonie Bonnec is an excellent adventurer

Sidonie Bonnec is hungry for adventure and travel and sets out on trawler André Leduc for another three week trip North Atlanticbetween Scotland and Iceland, in 2010, for the needs of the documentary directed by her husband, In a world apart. She is the only woman on a ship with fifteen fishermen. An experience that created her …

Sidonie Bonnec is also a singer (or almost)

In her spare time, Sidonie loves Bonnec push the song. The host, who took singing and piano lessons when she was young, especially recorded the titles A world apart and My way.

Sidonie Bonnec: her “nightmare” because of a program

Between 2008 and 2015, Sidonie Bonnec headed the TV magazine Criminal investigations. A work that is both fascinating and shocking. “The first year, I had many nightmares, I had tears in my eyes and nausea when I saw some doctors. When we do it every week, we are really immersed in it, it is different than reading an article once in a while ”, she explained to Tout La Télé.

And to clarify:It’s awful, though time goes by and makes you blind. It’s not because I’m insensitive, because I still shed tears and be emotional even on the set when I do interviews. But like an investigator or a judge, a journalist ends up seeing it all“.

Sidonie Bonnec: her “old couple” with Olivier Minne

Sidonie Bonnec is also in charge of the show Everyone has something to say, on France 2, together with Olivier Minne. Over time, the two friends have forged a solid friendship. “As an old couplewe do not have writers, we come out of it very naturally“, Had entrusted the principal to TV starto his friend, who replied: “Behind our teasing there is nothing malicious, just tenderness“.

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