Husband lies on the couch all day, ignoring his wife’s calls for help until an ambulance takes him away

An unemployed man whose wife is successful spends his time lazing around and refuses to do the housework without being paid until the day she becomes seriously ill.

Richard Franklin was angry at the world. He had been a successful travel agent, but with the onset of the COVID pandemic, his business went bankrupt. Now Richard spends his days on his couch playing video games, drinking beer and eating chips.

Fortunately for Richard, his wife Sharon, a software developer, had more work than ever, and it was thanks to her that they had not lost their house and were able to live comfortably. Unfortunately for Sharon, she was overworked and had no help from Richard.

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She asks Richard for help, and in return she gets a blank stare. “Help? How?” asks Richard. “I do not know anything about software!”

“I’m not talking about software help, Richard!” Sharon exclaimed, “I mean help around the house! You could take out the trash, vacuum, dust …”

Richard exhaled his chest. “So now that I’m unemployed, are you making me a cleaning lady? In that case, you have to pay me!”

People who do their best for you deserve your best.

“Pay you?” Sharon wonders. “For the things I do for free for YOU?”

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“Yes,” Richard said arrogantly, “Fifteen dollars an hour is reasonable, I think!” Sharon looks at her husband with tears in her eyes, shakes her head and returns to her small home office.

Richard lies down on the couch and scratches his stomach. He is not ready to work for free! His mother had warned him when he married Sharon that she was one of those women who wanted to control her husband, make him her slave.

Richard was nobody’s slave. If Sharon wanted him to clean up, she’d better pay! Of course, it never occurred to Richard that his wife committed suicide at work to support him, and that it was nothing but his duty to help her!

No! Richard believed that the world had been unfair to him and that Sharon took care of him balanced the scale of justice. Then one day, his best friend informs him that he is getting married (again) and that the bachelor party is taking place in Las Vegas.

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That night when Sharon came home, Richard got up from his couch to greet her. “Sharon,” Richard said. “David is getting married and the guys are going to Las Vegas to say goodbye next week. I’ll need $ 2,000 for the trip.”

Sharon gave her husband a long, sad look and then shook his head. “Sorry Richard, it’s just not possible. When you refused to help me, I hired a cleaning service and I need the extra money.”

Richard starts yelling at Sharon and accusing her of being tight and ungrateful and of taking his family’s money into strangers’ pockets … It was a nice quarrel, but through it all, Sharon stood and just stared at him.

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“Are you done?” she asks gently. “In that case, I’m going to bed. Make your own dinner.”

Richard lies down on the couch and moans. Sharon got way too cocky for her boots, which her mother had warned her about, but he wanted to fix her! He was going to Vegas and she could not stop him.

It is then that Richard’s eyes fall on Sharon’s most cherished possession, a lovely Art Deco Lalique vase in clear crystal that gradually frosts in pale sea green, like a frozen wave.

Richard got up and did research online, where he found that Sharon’s vase was worth at least three thousand dollars, more than enough for the trip to Vegas.

Richard started yelling at Sharon, accusing her of being stingy and ungrateful. | Source: Unsplash

The next day, when Sharon returned home, Richard was sitting together on his couch, he looked up and greeted her with a cunning, uncomfortable smile. “Hey darling!” he said. “How was your day ?”

“It was amazing, honey,” Sharon said. “How was your?”

Richard’s smile widened to a jubilant laugh. “Profitable!” he said.

Sharon smiled back and then frowned. “Something is different!” she exclaimed. “What changed?” Her eyes then land on the pedestal that contained her grandmother’s magnificent vase, and she bleaches.

Richard saw the valuable vase that Sharon had inherited from her grandmother. | Source: Pexel

“Vasen!” she exclaims, “What happened? Did you break it?”

“No,” Richard said coldly. “Since you would not give me the money, I sold it so I could go to Las Vegas with my friends.”

Sharon jumped, her hand went to her left shoulder and she started rubbing it. She stumbled to the nearest chair and sat down. “How could you?” she whispered. “You know, that was all I had from my grandmother … How could you?”

Richard concentrates on the game on television and turns up the volume. He heard Sharon mumble and complain, but he was not interested in her talk. A man is a king in his own castle, and everything in it is at his disposal, right?

Richard sold Sharon’s vase for $ 3,000. | Source: Pexel

So over the sports caster’s excited voice, Richard hears a bang. He looks up and sees Sharon lying on the floor. “Go to hell, Sharon!” he yelled. “I do not need your drama! Get up and get me a beer!”

But Sharon did not move, so during the break Richard went out into the kitchen to get a beer. Sharon was still lying on the floor and her breathing was shallow. Richard pushed her with his foot, but she did not respond.

Richard lay on the couch drinking his beer for a while, then he called 911 and called an ambulance waiting for help to come. When the paramedics knocked on the door, Richard was on his second beer.

He got up and opened the door, still with his beer, and let the two men in. They immediately rush towards Sharon, one of them checking her pulse and exclaiming: “She has cardiac arrest!”.

Ambulance personnel took Sharon to the hospital. | Source: Unsplash

To Richard’s horror, it seems that Sharon did not pretend that she was really ill – very ill. The paramedics gave her cardiopulmonary resuscitation and even shocked her, then they loaded her into the ambulance and drove her to the hospital.

Richard was crushed. He had been lying there while Sharon struggled to breathe, drank his beer and watched football replays on SportsTV. Sharon, who worked so hard to make their lives perfect, held him in his arms as he had nightmares.

She was the woman who had supported him when he had lost his job and had become a bitter, cruel and petty man. Richard’s eyes were filled with tears. “I do not deserve you!” he whispers.

The next morning, as soon as the doctors allow it, Richard is in the intensive care unit to see Sharon. He goes in and carefully places a beautiful sea green and transparent crystal vase filled with lily of the valley.

Richard realized he could have lost Sharon. | Source: Unsplash

Richard sat down by Sharon’s bed and held her hand. When Sharon opens his eyes, he says, “I’m so sorry, Sharon, please forgive me. I’ve got your vase back and I’m not going to Las Vegas. I can not stand the thought of losing you, I think so. almost lost you for knowing how much I love you. “

It took a long time, but Richard regained his wife’s trust and became a better, happier man.

What can we learn from this story?

  • The people who do their best for you deserve yours. Richard’s wife worked hard to support the family, and he should have been more than willing to help her.
  • Sometimes it takes almost tragedy to teach us the value of what we have. Richard did not care about Sharon. He saw her as the person who deprived him of what he wanted, then he realized she was in danger of dying and understood how much he loved her.

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