In Foix, the social center was to emerge from the ground in September 2023 in the Bruilhos district

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For next year, a brand new building will house the future social center rue des Marchandises in Foix. Within, two associations – Secours populaire and the day care institution – will be moved there for free by the municipality.

More than a need, a necessity. The future social center in the city of Foix will be a real breath of fresh air for the associations that are today housed in the former Greta. In fact, the Secours populaire and the day reception, which are currently gathered in dilapidated and inaccessible premises on rue de l’Espinet, will very soon join a whole new space.

This new 400 m building was to rise from the ground in September 2023, rue des Marchandises, in Bruilhos. Enough to allow direct proximity to the station as well as to the shuttle network.

A new space that meets all needs

A project that had been on the town hall map for several years already. “The need had been identified since the previous term, and from the beginning we wanted to get support from the affected associations,” explains Mina Achary, elected with responsibility for social affairs. They liked the idea and therefore subsequently participated in the development of the project. is that the municipality should stay “as close as possible” to the expectations of these two structures. “Our main goal is to offer both the volunteers who work in these associations and their favored premises that are worth the name so they can ensure the continuity of their services “, adds the assistant.

In rue des Marchandises, a triangular building is erected in a plan.

Following the municipality’s tender, an architect was chosen to design a building that meets all these needs. Thus, the choice fell on a single-storey building with two separate entrances. Audiences welcomed in these structures are diverse.
Inside, there will therefore be a room dedicated to the daytime reception with a lounge located at the top as well as administrative offices. On the Secours Populaire site, a large storage area will be set up to ensure a smooth distribution of packed lunches. Offices must also ensure the work of volunteers and head office staff.

Finally, the project proposes the establishment of common premises, as was desired by the two associations. For this purpose, a rest room and a common activity room are arranged. “It was one of the needs that the day care has identified, which wants to establish various activities: cooking workshops, sewing etc. Says Mina Achary.

The submitted building permit, the foundations planned for summer

As for the work plan, as a reminder, the two houses on this plot have already been destroyed last year. So far, the permit submitted by the municipality is being investigated. According to forecasts, the foundations were to be completed during the summer. The construction site should not constitute major traffic restrictions on this axis, which only serves the multimodal station.

A large project with a total cost of around 1 million euros. An amount that includes the 300,000 euros from the state disbursed under the recovery plan, as well as other grants requested from the department, the region and Europe. A “necessary” investment to best support these structures and their beneficiaries in Fux.

Finally, note that the town hall has not yet taken a position on the future of the former Greta, which today represents a well-located land reserve.

A meeting with local residents arranged recently

This project for an upcoming social center was presented to the public at a public meeting last week, we learned from City Hall on Tuesday. Opportunity for some local residents to ask the associations about the activities that will be offered inside. “There were no particular challenges,” says Mina Achary. On the other hand, it is true that there were some concerns about the possibility that this new space would be occupied on a recurring basis during the day. But the associations made it clear that the public was not meant to stay. “What might reassure these residents, who will therefore see these new services arrive in their neighborhoods, usually installed in the city center.

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