Iris, 80-year-old pensioner, wife Mohamed, 35-year-old unemployed: The bad surprise falls

Some stories are so atypical that one immediately thinks they are not real. Well, the romantic relationship between Iris and Mohamed raises that question. In fact, the dwarf parrots met on the social network Facebook. Iris Jones is an 80-year-old retired Englishman and Mohamed Irbriham, a 35-year-old unemployed Egyptian. Inevitably, the difference in age and status shocked all internet users who did not hesitate to make it known on social networks. And if that was true?

An 80-year-old pensioner and a 35-year-old unemployed, do you believe that?

It is often said that love can not be explained and that the age difference does not matter, right? Do these regulations apply to pensioners and the unemployed? It might just be an adventure. But not everyone agrees on this. But Iris is experiencing another youth thanks to this young man. In fact, the current immediately went very well between them, and she quickly flew to the capital of Egypt to meet him this time in flesh and blood.

When you arrive in Cairo, it is love at first sight for the retiree. Immediately after their first real meeting, they take advantage of the couple’s pleasures and have sex. “It was unbelievable. I felt like a virgin again. It was not easy, but it was very loving and romantic. My ex-husband said I was cold when we divorced 40 years ago, but now I know that I’m not! ” says the pensioner.

A wedding planned between the dwarf parrots

Thus, the holiday stay has become a romantic stay. They would have liked to have shifted a gear up right away. In fact, only four days after their meeting, they want to get married officially. But their everyday lives have been turned upside down by several things. First, the pensioner fell down the stairs. So she had to spend two nights in the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and the couple adapted very well to the situation. Moreover, Mohamed did not have the necessary documents to seal their union, so the marriage could not take place. But the pensioner does not despair. She is preparing a new trip to Egypt to join her beloved and this time unite for life with her “soulmate”.

Iris is a woman who has had a completely ordinary life. She was a cleaning lady and divorced her ex-husband more than forty years ago. Two children were born from their union. Of course, one of her sons did not appreciate his mother’s relationship with the young Egyptian at all and immediately insinuated that he was with her for the money. The pensioner immediately ticked off about finances: “If he marries me for my fortune, he will be disappointed because I only live on retirement. He even said that he would sign a marriage contract because he wants me and not my house ”.

The pensioner is thinking of her today

Iris firmly believes in it. The love between her and Mohamed is not fake. “I spent years making others happy, now I just want to marry the man I love before I die.” Mohamed explained the reasons why he was unemployed. He was forced to quit his job to go to the eight-year-old. In fact, his employer refused to give him leave so he could go to England. Today, the young man wants to live with his treasure, but Mohamed’s tourist visa was not accepted for lack of money. But the couple is ready to do anything to live together. If he can not join her with our British neighbors, it is the pensioner who will live with him in Egypt.

Unfortunately, a year after their official reunion, the couple broke up because Mohamed never managed to get a visa. So from a distance, it is impossible for the couple to stay together. Iris is very angry at the government and holds them accountable for breaking it up. The pensioner is ” very sad “ and Mohamed found a job as an engineer in his country.

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