Julia Vignali refuses to go to Delphine Ernotte’s office and to Fort Boyard, the shocking cause!

This Saturday, March 19, Julia Vignali was invited on the radio RTL in the show We’re making TV again. During the discussions, the beautiful brunette confided in hosts Eric Dussart and Jade. We learned two things: it’s impossible for her to go to Fort Boyard and also to go to the president’s office. France television! We reveal its funny revelations!

Julia Vignali, a woman with an exemplary career

Basically, Julia Vignali graduated from HEC Grenoble business school. Thus, of course, she will begin her career in a marketing department in the Universal Music group. By creating certain ads (Toyota, Yoplait, L’Oreal), she realizes very quickly that comedy attracts her. After that, she will especially star in several films from the 2000s Life ahead of us and The beautiful garbage. In 2010, she landed on Canal + to present the weather and Morning. Two years later, Julia Vignali joins the channel France 5 to present Kindergartens.

In 2017, the general public will discover her in the show The best pastry chef on the M6 ​​channel. She spent three years with Cyril Lignac and Mercotte before changing channels and programs. In 2021 she arrives France 2 to present in par Telematin with Thomas Sotto. The young woman of Italian descent had a first love affair with a screenwriter, and they got a little boy named Luigi. Today, she has moved closer to comedy, her first love. In fact, she formalized her romantic relationship with Kad Merad.

His revelations against Eric Dussart

On Saturday, March 19, Eric Dussart and Jade received two guests: Julia Vignali and Agathe Lecaron on the air of RTL. During the show, the host asked the beautiful brunette for it Telematin if she would ever join the program of Fort Boyard. It’s actually a bit of a must for many personalities. In addition, it is for a good cause. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for you to find Julia Vignali in this kind of show. This one also comes from “decline” a proposal ” two days ago“. On the other hand, his colleague, Damien Thévenot, showed more courage when he responded positively. ” I’m the bravest girl on earth“she said.” I’m dizzy … At France Télévisions I can not come to Delphine Ernotte’s office because she’s on the eighth floor and the catwalk is too high, ”Explained Julia Vignali. Apparently, Agathe Lecaron has exactly the same fears. It’s beautiful women’s solidarity! In any case, we imagine that it should not be easy to travel daily for Julia Vignali, because the whole building of French television is glazed.

Julia Vignali is afraid to go and see her management …

I can not go to the management, so if the management hears me … I can not!“, Joked Julia Vignali. If she did not know how to pass on the message, now it’s done! And with his lack of courage in the trials, apart from playing ” Father Fouras with a beautiful disguise“, The host will be useless in the show. She actually explains that she can not do that anyone “test.” It is impossible. I’m scared of animals and everything … No, I’m too dizzy, I could not even go to the place, what. When I swim, I keep my nose shut! (…) Leave me alone. Ask me about a lot of other things to associations, I can lead conferences for free, I can give my time. I can even give money, but I do not want to go to Fort Boyard! Said Julia Vignali loud and clear. One thing is for sure, she is steep in the question and no one can force her. Besides, she would only delay the rest of her team! It’s so good!

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