Justice, police, economy, social, finance … What could Corsica’s autonomy look like?

In an interview given to Corsica morning on March 16, 2022, the Interior Minister spoke about the demands of the Corsicans during the wave of demonstrations unleashed after the attack on Yvan Colonna in prison. “We are ready to go as far as autonomy… the question is, what is this autonomy ”, emphasized Gérald Darmanin. If the Island of Beauty respects the grief of the Colonna family after the death of the nationalist militant on Monday night in Marseille, a primordial question dominates: in what form can this island country find autonomy and to change what?

Autonomy or independence?

Between autonomy or independence from Corsica, there is enough to lose the Nordic region. For the Constitutional Researcher, University of Toulouse, who presented a report in October 2021 on improving existing institutions to strengthen their democratic function and on the trend towards island autonomy, “Corsica’s autonomy, that is the maintenance of Corsica within the republic. Independence is Corsica’s exit from the republicShe explained to France Culture.

According to Wanda Mastor, “the Corsicans voted overwhelmingly for the list led by the autonomists and less massively for independence. But in all, it is every other Corsica that voted for autonomy or independence. The territorial majority is absolute.“For comparison, she remembers it”either a region is autonomous and in which case, as is done in the overwhelming majority of all islands in Europe, it can adopt its own laws, or it is not autonomous, in which case it can make more demands;“.

Alongside other regional requirements, she points out that the situations are different. “However, it is important to understand the different situations. In e.g. Alsace or Brittany, the autonomous party, unlike Corsica, did not win elections and, what’s more, twice in a row by an overwhelming majority“.

The case of other islands in Europe is facing autonomy

The Constitutionalist of Corsican origin emphasizes in Corse-matin that there is “no legal brakes“for a development towards autonomy. For her, the brake is purely cultural.

It is the surrounding Jacobinism that does not exist in any other country. I am a comparativist, and all the islands of Europe are autonomous or in any case have the possibility of making laws without hindering the indivisible character of their state, whether they are monarchies or republics. Legally, therefore, there is no obstacle, it is sufficient to include it in the Constitution and allow Corsica to make laws in certain areas that would in no way hinder the unity of the republic and the sovereign competence of the state “, she describes.

Real estate speculation, taxation, language …

Gilles Simeoni, President of the Corsican Society’s Executive Council, is precise about the Corsican will. “Autonomy as law and exercise is not independence“, He explained on March 16 on RTL.

In summary, sovereign powers (police, army, judiciary) remain in the domain of the state, and in a certain number of strategic sectors automatically transfer competence to the Corsican society, which will exercise real normative power, of a legislative nature;. he detailed.

Economy, health, social, financial … The area of ​​competence is “to discuss“To the extent that the principle will be finally validated, states Gilles Simeoni. For the elected nationalist, it is necessary to analyze the situation in a certain number of sectors. At the tax level especially because”there can be no real autonomy without taxation“, with transfers to the community of Corsica. Several axes are thus highlighted by the supporters of a great autonomy, such as:

  • the fight against land speculation;
  • an economic development policy;
  • the social sector;
  • the recognition of the Corsican people;
  • the co-official character of the Corsican language.

“Building a liberated Corsican society”

What is the spirit of the (committed?) Approach to autonomy for Corsica?

What we want with all the active forces, by strongly involving the young people, much mobilized at the forefront in recent weeks, is to build a liberated, democratic, responsible Corsican society in a new bond of trust with the state.“, Detailed Gilles Simeoni.

President of the Community Executive Council admits, on the air of RTL, that after “a 50-year cycle of confrontations, we need to open a new cycle today“.

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