Kelly Vedovelli fired from the show because of her relationship with Cyril Hanouna? She breaks the silence

Absent from the TPMP set for some time, Kelly Vedovelli inevitably caused concern among her fans. To believe the rumors about the corridor, the production would push her towards the exit. The reason ? She wanted to be in a relationship with her boss Cyril Hanouna. Faced with these persistent rumors, the columnist responded on Instagram.

music video star bella by rapper Gims, Kelly Vedovelli quickly caused a sensation in the C8 talk show. After her first successful step as DJette of the TPMP show, the young woman joined the table of columnists. It must be said that his positions have won many people, including Cyril Hanouna. The famous animator would no longer be on stage of a professional relationship with the beautiful blonde.

It is actually rumors that Baba and his beloved maintain A love relationship for some years. As a reminder, blogger Shayara TV came up with revelations about them. Since then, the popular press has regularly revived this rumor. Because of her story with the star representative for C8, she would be too thrown out of the show.

Faced with several speculations about his absence from the TPMP, Kelly Vedovelli broke the silence for the first time. She gave more explanation to silence gossip.

Kelly Vedovelli recreates the truth

It is well known that the media likes to invent relationships with the stars on the small screen. While the vagueness remains on Cyril Hanouna’s privacy, it attracts attention. Separated from Emilie, mother of his children Lino and Bianca, he would have come back in the saddle. According to rumors, the lucky winner is none other than the pretty columnist of his show on C8.

Following the revelations on Shayara TV’s Instagram account, Kelly Vedovelli found herself at the heart of a romance rumor with the PAF troublemaker. According to rumors, she even had a depression by hiding their story from everyone. While Baba prefers to remain discreet, his supposed new companion wants to unpack everything in broad daylight. Faced with this unbearable situation, she would have taken the big head.

On the set of TPMP, the beautiful blonde seems to have crossed boundaries several times. Freewheeling on the C8, she stared dazed at the famous talk show. Inevitably, the columnist was overwhelmed by criticism, and apparently the production decided to remove her from the program.

Kelly Vedovelli was always active on Instagram and wanted to make things clear. First, she first confided in her health problems. “You see it in my head, I was sick for 2 days, so I did not come with any news. I’m disgusted … It’s very complicated “, she reveals.

Apparently, the columnist of the TPMP would have heard of this rumor, according to which she would have been excluded from the flagship show in C8. So she explained: “Know that this is normal. This year I do Monday and Tuesday and there are no strange things. It has been done, it is desired on both sides. This year it is like that. Maybe it will be different next year”. That is clear!

A multi-talented woman

As a reminder, Isabelle Morini-Bosc also found herself in the heart of a rumor of this type a few weeks ago. Asked about this, the columnist said bluntly that Cyril Hanouna does what he wants because he is the head of the program. We can imagine that Kelly Vedovelli would also have been in this situation. In any case, the young woman has several strings to her bow.

In addition to her role in the C8 show, she is also an influencer. Before this frequently asked question with her subscribers, she also shared the name of her favorite perfume. Then Baba’s treasure made the choice between glasses and contact lenses. In addition, she is taking her first steps as an actress. According to Cyril Hanouna’s revelations, she has “Passed the cast with brilliance to ‘The New Girls Next Door'”. Like what it is not the projects that are missing for Kelly Vedovelli.

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