Kinou Ferrari, wife of Nino Ferrer, deceased: love, Bardot … Back to his confidence at the gala

He sang South. She was his compass. Her most beautiful love story. But Kinou Ferrarri, who shared Nino Ferr’s life for thirty years, had to forgive him for many things. Especially an idyll with Brigitte Bardot.

I made this song because I love you / I made this song just for you Looking for youNino Ferrer had written them for Kinou. Sa Kinou, who just died in Lot on March 17, 2022, 24 years after the singer, at the age of 74.

A few years ago, she welcomed us into the country house, which lay on a hill they had chosen together. It was there, one summer in 1998, that Nino Ferrer in the middle of a wheat field shot himself in the heart. There also it with Pierre and Arthur, their sons, they had been happy. And she had continued to be, for two. Kinou was one of those women who never gave up. When we asked her if, after Nino’s death, she had considered leaving everything, changing cities, changing her life, she was even surprised by our question: ” I do not want to be anywhere elseshe had launched in a clear voice. Here there is joy of life, although it is not always easy with the twenty-three hectares to maintain …

How did Kinou Ferrari and Nino Ferrer meet?

Kinou Ferrari had not liked Paris for a long time. Still, it was in the capital that it all began. In a café on rue François Ier, near the Champs-Elysées. Looking back. We are in 1966. Kinou learns that Nino Ferrer is looking for an assistant. ” At the timeshe said, I had already been a bit of a model, an interpreter, I had stopped playing tennis after playing at the Roland-Garros center in the junior final, I knew everything, so I said to myself “why not”.

When she arrives at the meeting scheduled by the impresario, she is greeted by the man who is already tumbling at the top of the sale withMirza, accompanied by his father and mother. Since childhood is marked by Italy under Mussolini, at the time, once landed in Paris at the Saint-Jean-de-Passy high school of a racism thrown in his face on the background of “dirty routine, his parents were and remained Nino Ferrari’s only true refuge. His lost paradise. It is even with them that Kinou begins to work as an assistant secretary.

For two years they get to know each other. Their Leo temperament does not collide, on the contrary, they agree. So two years later, as proof, they are together. To link the successes ( Pickles, The phonebut also the very beautiful House near the fountain), Nino and his somewhat crazy dandy look appeal to people. At La Martinière, a property in the Parisian suburbs where they live, there are many people who come by: musicians (a lot) and girls (beautiful).Yes, of course, when we were together, Nino had affairspublished Kinou, me by the way too. Yes, there was the story with Brigitte Bardot and others, but there was nothing unhealthy behind it all.

© AGENTUR / BESTIMAGEIrresistible Brigitte Bardot.

Nino Ferrer and Brigitte Bardot meet for a party. And is in Rome, where Nino and Kinou have been settling for a while. About Brigitte Bardot, the singer once said: “She was blonde but not steamy, no, much more than that. I fell in love very, very much, for the first time in my life. […] I fell in love with her like you do at 18, it lasted very, very little, it lasted a week. That’s all.In his autobiography, Bardot will also talk about a ” lightning between them and adds that he will write a song for her (dragonflies and butterfly which will be renamed play scout).

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Currently, Kinou has a ” small shock “. For even though maturity is for libertinage when one is in love, infidelity hurts. But she agrees. Also annoyed by rumors that add to it. Especially when Radiah Frye (Mia Frye’s mother) poses naked with her husband on the legendary cover of South. ” Radiah, she was like my sister, she lived at home with her daughter during the recording of the album, she was with Charles Matton throughout this period, there was never any story between her and Nino.

With Radiah Frye, mother of Mia Frye.
© AGENTUR / BESTIMAGEWith Radiah Frye, mother of Mia Frye.

It was also at this time that Pierre was born. In September 1973. Then Arthur, in February 1979, when the whole family had just moved into a “ old isolated castle at the end of the world “, as Nino said, in southwestern France, in a place called La Taillade. The arrival of the children does not change the rhythm.” We just needed to provide a little more “, trusted Kinou. Here, as elsewhere, she takes care of the kitchen to please the tables of friends and passers-by (she also wants to publish a book, Kinou cooking, ed. Fanfaren, in 2016). Nino, on the other hand, writes more melancholic, serious or disillusioned albums, concept albums, far from it Oh! Hi ! Uh! Well ! and other damned Mirzawhich he does not deny, no, but which overshadows all the other colors in his creativity.

This day where Nino Ferrer took his own life

Nino just suffered from not being able to make all his facets heard. “, Kinou confessed to us. She told the truth, for who remembers today that ten albums – where pearls still sleep – were released after South? That a summer noise opens the one called Blanat? At the time, Nino Ferrer seemed far away … And then, in August 1998, a powerful blow awakens France. One shot. A bullet in the heart. Nino Ferrer kills himself. Two days before his 64th birthday. Two months after Mounette’s death, his mother.

Nino felt responsible for her mother’s death we had slipped Kinou. He got some work done right next to the house and wanted to show it to his mother. She fell, and from this fall everything hung, she did not survive. Nino felt guilty. He did not recover.

Nearly twenty years after this tragedy, Kinou’s voice was still tense as she remembered those moments. We also guessed the anger, the sadness, the remorse for not immediately having called in a specialist. “The treatment prescribed to him allowed the transition to the action,she explained to us . What Nino needed was a sleep cure, but my own father had committed suicide at the psychiatric hospital where he was being treated, and since then I had sworn to myself that if anyone would one day be evil around me, I would never have him hospitalized. I was in this state of mind when Nino started to sink . “

When we met, we asked Kinou how she was feeling. She had just started an echo: ” I got through it … Life goes on. “Modesty. The rustle of a bee, a prelude to the summer that was then on its way, had just shattered the surrounding silence. And then it gave us this memory:”One day we were sitting in the yard … He told me he thanked me because I had brought him happiness.Of all these years, the wife of Nino Ferrer retained only one thing: love. We send our condolences to Pierre and Arthur, their children.

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