Loire-Atlantique: a former elected official accused of sexually assaulting an intern

A farmer and former deputy mayor of Plessé (Loire-Atlantique) went back to court on March 18, 2022, because he was accused of “sexual abuse” by a former trainee, a minor at the time. © DR

A farmer from Plessé (Loire-Atlantique) who had been acquitted in the first instance at the Criminal Court in Saint-Nazaire tried again on Friday, March 18, 2022 for “sexual abuse,” as a former intern accuses him of.

A former young agricultural trainee accuses him

The young woman had reported complaint in January 2014 at the gendarmerie in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) when she was 22 years old, against her former internship supervisor, now 51 years old: she actually accused him of having committed a sexual assault on her while she was changing within his farm between 2008 and 2009.

Ludovic XXX, former Deputy Mayorhad specifically invited the 17-year-old young woman to “spend a weekend in a gîte” as part of a stay organized by the Disability Association, of which he was a volunteer.

He had then “asked him to bring an air mattress because there were no beds available “. Both had slept on itwhile the farmer’s son and other participants slept in the same room.

Married and father

The farmer would then have “kissed” the young girl, “caressed her breast” and “inserted a finger into her vagina”reported the judge in the Appeals Chamber of the Rennes Prison Service (Ille-et-Vilaine). The young girl then felt “in love” of her teacher and “did not know anything about sex and had never had sex,” she said in her complaint.

Farmers – “married for twenty-two years” and father of a family – had also “given a condom” to his former trainee, while the latter had “injured himself after a riding accident”. According to him, it was a gesture made “in connection with the training as a tutor”: he himself had at that time “a 16-year-old son”.

“A reclassification in rape could have occurred”

Finally, Ludovic XXX had also offered a “cinema excursion” to Blain (Loire-Atlantique) for the young girl. Then she described “a sexual penetration that will leave traces of tearing” noted “five years later”, his lawyer Me Cécile de Oliveira emphasized during the hearing.

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A scene for which “the reclassification of facts as” rape “could have occurred”according to her.

That night the farmer had indeed stopped in the Gâvre forest, according to the young girl, after watching a movie “linked to the agricultural world”.

He was supposed to “kiss” her again and “caress her breast” before telling her thathe wanted sex. And she would have accepted “on condition that you stop if she asked you to,” according to the lawyer.

Passes on to another minor intern

From this event, he would have “changed his attitude towards her”to put this young girl “in great psychological distress” aside to be interested in “another trainee, including a minor”… The latter had also told investigators that she had received “a ring for her 17th birthday” from the one she had “kissed twice”. The farmer from Plessé had repeatedly “tried to have sex” with her, but she had “always refused”.

During the investigation, the gendarmes had also noticed that Ludovic XXX – whose criminal record is not mentioned – had also many exchanges with “his cousin’s daughter”, at 14 years oldas well as her 17-year-old big sisterwhich he had even “flirted” with …

Alleged two-year probation

Only prosecuted for sexual assault, which his trainee has condemned, the farmer had in fact been acquitted by the criminal court in Saint-Nazaire : the first judges had considered that the young girl “felt romantic feelings” and “hoped to have a sentimental relationship” with the farmer.

Following his release, on October 22, 2019, the public prosecutor in Saint-Nazaire had therefore appealed the verdict : The Advocate General reiterated that there were, in fact, “elements which remove all doubt” as to the guilt of this milk producer. She asked for two years probation against him for three years.

The lawyer for the civil party, Me Cécile de Oliveira, argued for his part compensation of up to € 10,000.

A “pursuit investigation”, it sounds from the defense

Me Morgan Loret, Ludovic XXX’s lawyer, asked for his release of his client considering that “in this case involving a very small town, the gendarme took the investigation very very seriously”.

The soldier, then carried out studies “responsible, according to six interviewees. “It was rather a” fantasy “of the young girl, even an” erotic-manic delirium “on her part, according to the defense attorney

The judges will submit theirs decision in about two months.

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