Loire-Atlantique: the husband had killed his wife, the couple’s daughters turn to the doctor

The three girls demanded compensation from the Order of Physicians after their father killed their mother in January 2019 in La Plaine-sur-Mer. © Illustration AdobeStock

The three daughters of the fifties “murdered” by her husband on January 27, 2019 in La Plaine-sur-Mer (Loire-Atlantique) requested on Monday, February 28, 2022 disciplinary chamber in the regional medical order Pays de la Loire to sanction the doctor who had seen their father in consultation two days before the tragedy.

As a reminder, this 56-year-old carpenter had called the gendarmes to say he had killed his 51-year-old wife before turning the gun on him: she had just told him of his intention to get divorced.

Their three daughters, aged 23, 27 and 31, are now accusing a local doctor of not having their father admitted to hospital: the latter, who said he was “in professional overtime”, had refused to be admitted of his own free will because he had “construction sites for completion” …

“It’s a completely dramatic and shocking event,” the lawyer for this substitute doctor said immediately. “Faced with the unimaginable, it certainly helps to channel anger to find a responsible person, but it is not a solution. »

“Bipolar” and “paranoid”?

According to her, “nothing” allowed her client to guess that her patient posed a “danger to himself or to others”: the fact that this former alcoholic was “bipolar” and “paranoid,” as they say. her daughters, “do not appear anywhere” in her medical records.

During his medical consultation on January 25, 2019, in the company of his wife and his youngest daughter, the carpenter had, above all, seemed “concerned about the financial health of his company.”

“His speech was normal, he had no involuntary tremors or twitches,” she insisted to the Disciplinary Chamber on Monday, February 28, 2022. ‘There was no evidence to justify involuntary hospitalization. »

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“When I received him with his wife and their daughter, his wife told me she was in charge of the company’s accounts and that it was not always easy with RSI,” the substitute doctor recalled. “But he was completely cooperative, he did not just stare down … and he did not want a work stoppage because he had work to complete.»

Already threats in 2002

The representative of the Council of the Order of Physicians of the Loire-Atlantique said he “associated himself with the pain” of the three girls – who defended themselves at the hearing without a lawyer – but did not agree with their ordinary complaint.

“The doctor did not know your father, and his psychological history did not appear in his medical records,” he told the couple’s three daughters. “In the same way he seemed consistent that day . »

“He had already in 2002 threatened to set fire to the house”, nevertheless objected the eldest of the couple’s three daughters.

Then he had his firearms seized … before being returned to him a few months later.

The oldest plaintiff

The youngest, who accompanied her parents during the same consultation, also provided a completely different version than the one the doctor and his lawyer wore.

“The feeling of not being listened to”

“My father told the doctor that day that he was in a long long long corridor where there was only work in the end,” she assured the doctors who make up the disciplinary chamber. “All the details” about his psychological situation had also been given during a prior telephone conversationin the presence of the medical secretary, she repeated.

“Only your word counts, we have the feeling of not being listened to,” she sighed at last.

She and her two sisters had already testified Current wife or in Release lack of state aid after the murder of mother.

In the immediate future, the Disciplinary Board of the Regional Medical Order of the Pays de la Loire make its decision within two months.

The disciplinary sanctions it can impose on doctors’ “breach” of their ethical obligations range from a simple “warning” to permanent removal from the legal profession. This lawsuit is the only one the couple’s three daughters will get: because of their father’s suicide, he will not be prosecuted for his female murder.

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