Married at first sight: can we really find love through science?

Thanks to advances in science, we know better than you who you want to fall in love with.“In the preamble to” Married at First Sight “explains sexologist and psychologist Pascal de Sutter, one of the three scientific guarantees of the show. The concept of this program: to submit candidates to a battery of tests to bring this forward. personalities “more than 70% compatibleexplains the show.In fact, we live in a world where relationships are fundamentally based on physical or sexual attraction, and where less importance is attached to other factors that guarantee a long-term relationship.“Pascal de Sutter explained Science and the Future.

And these other factors that guarantee a lasting couple, Pascal de Sutter and two other experts claim to have flushed them out by exploring the abundant scientific literature that can actually be found about the formation of couples. “Today, the advancement of science in the knowledge of the psychological function of man is such that we can with 80% reliability determine a person’s personalitysays the sociologist in the show. And the team believes so much in it that the purpose of the show is to offer personalities identified as “compatible” to meet for the first time … on the day of their marriage. Can we really find love through science? For to find out we looked at the “scientifically recognized” tests that the production insists on, which are offered as part of this “unique experience“.

The “Big Five” compatibility questionnaire is used in “Married at First Sight”

A good portion of the analysis of candidates goes through personality questionnaires. Especially that of “Big Five”. A test developed in the 1980s to assess five major personality traits:Opening (to others and to news), the professional conscienceI’ExtroversionI’Forthcomingness and Neuroticism (the fact of experiencing unpleasant feelings easily or not). “We also gave them the ‘Hare test’ (named after the Canadian psychologist Robert Hare who developed it) to identify psychopaths“Pascal de Sutter explained to us. By the way, the researcher acknowledges that the program was not based on” scientifically validated “tests due to certain limitations.”For example, you can not legally ask people about their sexual orientation. So we had to adapt the tests to the experience.“continues Pascal de Sutter. But this adaptation was made on the basis of tests”recognized and validated by peerssays the researcher, but we have not been able to find out more or consult the questionnaires in question.

As for the scientific relevance of the tests used, it is therefore in his words that we must believe Pascal de Sutter, “author of hundreds of scientific articles which are references in the field of marriage psychology“, Catherine Solano” the most famous sexologist and couple therapist in France, a reference in the world of sexology for 16 years “, and Stéphane Edouard”key sociologist in male-female relationships“.

Pascal de Sutter, a researcher at the University of Louvain, boasts a well-stocked bibliography with numerous studies on the mechanisms behind sexual desire, and even on the way in which “a woman’s vaginal orgasm history can be seen through her gait“(yes!). Catherine Solano, also a professor of sexology at the University of Louvain, has also published in peer-reviewed journals. On the other hand, we have not found any article of this type in honor of Stéphane Edward,”this specialist in the art of seduction, who has lectured all over France for ten yearsThe latter was recently accused of making sexist and misogynistic remarks that motivated Internet users to launch a petition against the show, and Stéphane Edouard to respond to his blog “Men with Influence”. Personality tests, the three experts have also conducted odor tests , where the production made the participants smell T-shirts, which were previously worn by participants of the opposite sex for three nights, attractive or not.According to the same principle, the attractiveness of the participants’ voices was assessed by singles of the opposite sex. Finally, measurements were taken on the participants’ bodies (shoulders, waists, hips) to “determine morphological attraction“and”to avoid incompatibilities, frustrations and disappointments“explains Pascal de Sutter.

“The famous ‘compatibility tests’ are 95% scams”

Is this battery of tests sufficient to form stable pairs, or at least have more chances of holding than other pairs have been formed in a less “scientific” way? “I would never claim that what we got could be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal“acknowledges Pascal de Sutter. But sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann (sociologist member of CERLIS, Center for Research in Social Relations, CNRS Laboratory at the University of Paris Descartes) drives the point home.”The famous ‘compatibility tests’ are 95% scam, he protests. In the market it is very fashionable. This is how many dating sites continue, which depending on your profile and the preferences you have specified, offer you to meet similar profiles. It is reassuring for many people to have an algorithm that makes choices for you. People have a very strong expectation for this and accept these choices that are made for them blindly and very quickly.“continues the sociologist. Admittedly, this type of test, which makes it possible to bring out some great personality traits, is not completely devoid of interest.”They make it possible to rule out a certain number of notorious incompatibilities between people, in order to ‘clear the earth’ ” explains the researcher, “but promising to give you a ‘compatibility rate’ with someone is pure illusion“.

Thus, at one point, we hear seduction coach Stéphane Edouard assert with confidence in the program: “No man is 100% ‘M’ and no woman is 100% ‘F’. If you are 70% female and 30% male, your partner must be 30 – 70 years old“. An analysis that makes sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann suffocate.”This is pure charlatanism! We should burst out laughing at such a rudimentary and sexist vision. It’s awful! “completes the sociologist. A simplism based on the ancestral idea of” soulmate “made for you.”In short, they are trying to sell you as a “tailor made” product, someone who cares about you and therefore will not bother you too much as they will not force you to change whatever’s in you ” apologizes to the researcher.

The success rates for couples formed by the show? Only 18%

But according to this sociologist, what makes a lasting couple, is precisely the modifications that the other produces on us. “A pair is a movement exhibits Jean-Claude Kaufmann. It is the reformulation of one after the other in a process of transformation that leads to the building of a common culture.. With these so-called scientific studies, it is all this movement that we ignore “ apologizes to the sociologist. “The truth is, there are just people in the world who do not fit you too well, and these tests will help eliminate them. After all, there are only possibilities with parameters so many and moving that it is at least currently impossible to put them into equations“In fact, the researcher concludes. In fact, the success rates of the couples formed by the show seem to prove him right. According to our colleagues from the Blasting News site, the success of this show is from Denmark and subsequently available in several countries (UK, The United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, Finland and Bulgaria) ahead of France are particularly low. “In all, out of 50 couples, about half divorced at the end of the game, the others try to give themselves a chance outside the cameras. Of these, only 9 couples remain married after the show ends. The success rate is therefore 18%.“encrypts our colleagues.

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