Matthieu, resident of Évreux, will he find love?

Television. Matthieu, a 34-year-old Ebroïcien, is one of the 14 candidates for season 5 of the reality show Married at First Sight, airing from Monday, March 8th. Will he find the woman of his life?

“The fifth season of the reality show Married at first sight will be broadcast on M6 every Monday at 21.05 from March 8, 2021. Among the 14 candidates is Matthieu, a 34-year-old Ebroïcien who is eager to find his wife of his life,” if it exists “.

The concept of this show, launched in 2016, can confuse more than one: Single people looking for love, meet their supposed soulmate, nominated by science, on their wedding day in front of the mayor, adorned with his tricolor scarf, and their family. This year, the show’s two experts, Estelle Dossin and Pascal De Sutter, were able to form seven pairs. The question is whether they want to say yes, or whether they want to take their legs around their neck once at the town hall …

“I’ve made a few mistakes before”

Matthieu has been the leader of the rope access team in Paris for ten years. “I redo the guitar strings … laughs the one who does not miss an opportunity to be humorous. No just for fun. In real life, I maintain the monuments of Paris, high up, on a rope. This avoids scaffolding and saves time. »

If he gets laid almost every day as part of his job, Matthew’s love life has a hard time getting started. The 30-year-old comes out of a love affair “which went wrong”, Ebroïcien sums up laconic. Disappointed, but not desperate. At least not enough to make the process of signing up for this program that he knew, but at a distance. “I must have seen an episode or two, no more,” he admits. I thought it was fun, but above all, I told myself that you needed courage to participate because you involve your family, your entourage. And then it is not easy to tell yourself that you are going to marry someone you do not know. »

It was Coralie, one of Matthieu’s three sisters, who signed the sports enthusiast to Gift at first sight without even telling him. It learned the rope access technician from the production of the M6 ​​early last year. “I would have preferred to be careful when I walk,” Matthieu jokes. He agreed to embark on this cathodic experiment and pass a whole series of tests.

“I attended the first workshop, but I did not show up for the second,” the candidate admits. The production called back to tell me that I had had a good pre-match with someone and that it would be silly to miss it. The bachelor finally resumed the adventure on the road with the feeling that the show could allow him to find the “beautiful person” he is looking for. “I thought I might meet someone I might never have crossed paths with in everyday life. In the 21st century, and despite all the dating apps and sites, it’s still hard to find the person who really suits us. I have made a few mistakes in the past. Why not give science a try? »

Passing these tests was an opportunity for Matthieu to ask himself a lot of questions about who he is, what he wants or does not want anymore, about the qualities of the partner he is looking for … “This is the first time that I made a page with myself.It’s quite funny to wonder who we are, what are our qualities … We must try to be reasonably accurate in our description, because we often see ourselves better than we really are “I tried to be the most sincere. To give my mistakes … Well, I found none”, laughs Matthieu.

“It takes all five senses to fall in love”

A fan of sports (boxing, bodybuilding), aviation (he flies small planes and passes his private pilot certificate), motorcycles and speed sports in general, the bachelor hopes to meet a sportswoman. “At least that was what I asked,” blows the one who is convinced, “birds of a feather flock together.” It is important to have common points, to like the same things, while each retains their own personality. That’s what makes us complementary, says Matthieu. I am very empathetic and very cool. If they put me together with someone who’s stressed, it does not work. You need a cool woman, with a sense of humor, who is not picky at all. »

If Matthieu wants to “give himself a chance to be happy in love”, he is not putting any pressure on himself. “I do not want to be disappointed, so I want to live in the now. I do not want to force things. Science is not everything. It takes all five senses to fall in love. Chemistry is important! Does Matthieu meet his soulmate? Will he say ‘yes’ to a stranger? Answer from March 8th.

In the presentation made by M6, Matthieu is described as follows: “Linked to his parents’ model, in a relationship for forty years, Matthieu had a bad experience of failure with his ex-girlfriend, whom he saw as his wife. life .. Everyone around him is in a relationship with children, he feels pressured and finally wants to build his life up. He gets bored quickly as a couple and is looking for a woman with humor, just like him, curious and above all with spirit. »

The show in short

The program “Married at First Sight” was born in 2016.

In four seasons, three pairs have been formed. Two had children.

For this season, more than 10,000 applications have been received.

The 14 candidates are between 28 and 41 years old for the men; and 25 and 40 years for women. Among them are twin brothers with different expectations as well as older single parents who already have children aged 8 to 18 years.

Due to Covid-19, the filming of weddings took place in September and not in June, as usual. And also for the first time the honeymoon took place in leases in France.

In 2020, each show was watched by an average of 3 million viewers.

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