Meghan Markle ‘disappointed’ when she met Kate Middleton and realized who she was

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton had a strained relationship for several months. But how did these problems start, and what about their current relationship? Find the answers to his questions with AmoMama.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is one of the most famous figures in the world. Over the years, its popularity has grown steadily. In addition to being a former actress, she is also involved with the British royal family through her marriage to Prince Harry.

His time in the royal family was marked by controversy and strife with several members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton, Prince Williams’ wife. Here’s everything you need to know about Meghan Markle, her marriage and her relationship with the royals.


In 2017, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave their first interview to the press. They discussed many topics there. They talked about their first meeting. It may come as a shock, but the couple met through a mutual friend, Violet von Westenholz.

Photo by Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at an event. [À gauche] | Photo by Meghan Markle during an interview. [À droite] | Source: Getty Images

Westenholz was one of Prince Harry’s childhood friends. In addition, his path crossed Meghan Markle’s path when she worked in Ralph Lauren’s fashion house as a PR employee. According to sources, Harry had a hard time finding the perfect partner before meeting Meghan.

He even confided in Violet von Westenholz about it. It was in order to help her friend that she had done everything to make him happy by introducing him to someone who would take care of him. She had arranged a blind date and the rest is history.

Violet von Westenholz really had flair as it is obvious that Meghan Markle is one of the best things that happened to Prince Harry. Before the couple met, English journalist Andrew Morton demonstrated that the Duke of Sussex had problems dealing with anger.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave after their wedding ceremony in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, 19 May 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

According to him, Prince Harry did not know what meaning he should give his life and should still deal with his mother’s sudden disappearance. But Meghan’s arrival in his life has changed many things.

For her part, Meghan Markle was better off. She was already a celebrity, known for her skill in front of the big screen. With a degree from Northwestern University in Illinois, this mother was still very young when she got her first role, she played in “Married … with Children.”


Prince Harry has on several occasions explained how he was struck by the beauty of Meghan Markle when they first met. From the beginning, he already intended to make her his future wife. Intentions which he realized by presenting his girlfriend to his father, Prince Charles, just two months after their meeting.

It was not long before he took the plunge by introducing Meghan Markle to the rest of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II. The first meeting between the Queen and Meghan Markle took place in the Royal Lodge, shortly after the end of the service.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle participate in Commonwealth Day Service 2020 on March 9, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images

Before the big day, Prince Harry explained to the former actress how to reject the queen. Courses that had been very productive since on D-Day, Meghan Markle had bowed “deeply” to the Queen. The two women then had a long talk. They had enjoyed it a lot.

During this period, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry remained discreet about their relationship. When they finally decided to publish it, the couple did not receive the reactions they had hoped for. In addition, according to some rumors, Prince William would also have been in the game.

The latter would not have supported his brother as he told him about his romantic relationship. Kate Middleton’s husband, however, denied these rumors, saying he understood and supported his brother. Prince Harry has received support from other members of his family. On the other hand, the family of the future Duchess immediately approved of their relationship.


After being introduced to the royal family, Meghan Markle’s relationship with some royals flourished, but that is not the case with Kate Middleton. Observers believe this is because they were very different.

Meghan Markle joins a Gender Equality Round Table with the Queens Commonwealth Trust (QCT) and One Young World at Windsor Castle on 25 October 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

According to cinemas Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie, the authors of “Finding Freedom”, the problems between the two women began when they met. According to the authors, Meghan Markle was disappointed because she realized that Kate was a discreet and reserved person. They also claim that Kate Middleton was well surrounded, making it difficult for a friendship to blossom between her and Meghan.

Over time, things went from bad to worse to the point where Meghan said Kate Middleton made her cry. The Duchess of Sussex nevertheless clarified that Kate had apologized to her. She did well again by giving flowers to Harry’s wife.

Although tensions between the two women have eased, they were talked about again in January 2017. Meghan Markle had offered a birthday present to Kate. This one had not pleased the latter, who had judged that this gift was boring. However, she made up for it by offering William a dream diary.


To this day, many wonder how the two women managed to put their differences aside. In fact, their relationship leveled off with the birth of Kate’s children, including the arrival of Princess Charlotte. The latter has managed to conquer the heart of Megane Markle.

It should also be remembered that in the beginning of her love affair with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle lived not far from Kate and her family. This closeness favored the exchanges between the two Duchess, allowing Megane to spend time with Charlotte and her brothers. These days, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are closer than before and hope their relationship will be revived.

Even after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married, the Duchess seemed to have a better relationship. They were seen together, full of joy during the royal family’s service Christmas Day 2018 in the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church.


In January 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked the world when they announced that they were withdrawing from their royal duties. They said they thought about the matter for a long time before deciding. The announcement was all the more shocking to the royal family that it had not been informed in advance of this decision.

This decision had a great influence on the relationship between the royal family and the Sussexes. However, Cambridges and Sussexes met two months after this announcement to fulfill a final royal commitment. All indications are that the reunion between the two dukes was strange.

Revelations confirmed that they traveled in different cars. In addition, they did not talk to each other and left the event in different vehicles. Since moving to “Uncle SAM’s country”, Markle has provided many revelations about her life in the royal family.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the mother of two opened up not only about how Kate made her cry shortly before her wedding, but also how she apologized to her.

The two women who had managed to create a good relationship had been spotted at the 2019 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. During the interview, Oprah Winfrey Megane asked if the photos taken during this period reflect the relationships that existed between her.

Meghan Markle gave a somewhat surprising answer. In fact, when the host asked the question, she said:

“My understanding and experience over the past four years is such that it has nothing to do with what the image appears to be.”

In addition to her problems with Middleton, Meghan Markle also opened up about her problem with Queen Elizabeth II. A source noted that Prince Harry’s wife once asked her husband to persuade the queen to give them private rooms in Windsor Castle.

However, Queen Elizabeth II allegedly rejected their request. Instead, she allegedly gave them a wing at Frogmore Cottage, isolating them from the rest of the royal family.


Meghan Markle and her husband still have a good relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, despite the alienation. Incidentally, they named their daughter Lilibet, just like the Queen of England.

On the other hand, the couple and Prince Charles in the cold for several months. But recently, Prince Charles praised his son’s work on climate change in an essay for Newsweek. Maybe this is a sign of a clarification in their relationship? Only the future will tell us.

As for the Sussexes and Cambridges, their relationship has been strained since the big announcement. However, it has been reported that Kate Middleton is not happy with this misunderstanding.

According to an expert, Meghan and Kate are closer to each other and things would be better between them. Meanwhile, Meghan feels fans should not take sides. It is only left to hope that this wish is taken into account.

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