Nathalie Marquay faces Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s “3 weeks of suffering”

Jean-Pierre Pernaut lived “three weeks suffering”, Nathalie Marquay recalled. Strong woman in the storm, stone of a man destroyed by disease, the journalist’s wife tells about her ordeal …

Jean-Pierre Pernaut had been diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2021. But for several months, neither the journalist nor his wife Nathalie Marquay had revealed the sad news. “To tell you the truth, when we heard about this cancer, Jean-Pierre and I were dropped. Shocked“, she confided in Gala. Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who underwent surgery for the first time in July, had therefore completed one fierce battle in the shadows. “I was afraid of being polluted by the presence of the paparazzi. He is stayed in the hospital for three weeks in July and I would like it quiet”Miss France explained in 1987.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: his “three weeks of suffering”

And to add: “In times like these, we need peace. Jean-Pierre experienced three weeks of suffering on his bed and even when I got home it was hell: it painkiller did not work, he lost five, six pounds though he quickly took them back. And then the kids were not ready for all the press“.

Nathalie Marquay was aware of this the situation’s seriousness, but retained his optimism and fighting spirit. “We deliver the greatest struggle of our lives, even though we have already faced serious health problems. But lung cancer is something other than his prostate cancer“, she assured Galawithout knowing, at the time, that the presenter of the 13H news unfortunately would not win this match.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not want to “let go of anything”

The day after Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s deathOn March 3, Nathalie Marquay confided in the news from TF1 at 20 about the state of mind that her husband held to the last: “He was always strong, he always fought for his family, he would not let go“. Miss France 1987 hoped that her husband, who had stopped presenting the 1 p.m. news since December 2020, could finally rest and that they could both enjoy their lives as a couple.”We were looking forward to being together. Make an old pair, just like everyone else. But Jean-Pierre is not like everyone else“, she regretted.

The subject of death, Nathalie Marquay and Jean-Pierre Pernaut had already mentioned it several times, especially in December 2017, when the journalist covered the news of Johnny Hallyday’s death. “When he came home I told him ‘do you know the day you are going to die darling? It gets boring and unbearable for me to deal with‘. He said to me ‘don’t worry as I no longer want to be on TF1, everyone will forget me. Well, there you go, honey, if you can hear me … No, people still love it and are always faithful“, she remembered.

Nathalie Marquay: her reaction to the death of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Tragedy day Nathalie Marquay reacted soberly to the death of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernautwho passed away at the age of 71 on March 2 after fighting one lung cancer. On Instagram, Miss France 1987 had simply posted the image of a black screen, as a sign of grief.

Mother of two of the four children of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Lou, 19, and Tom, 18, received support from many personalities who commented on its release. “I wish you great courage“, said Mareva GalanterMiss France 1999. Geraldine Maillethis colleague from TPMPshe commented flexibly on prayer emojis whileAgathe Auproux posted hearts to him.

Nathalie Marquay, by her husband’s bed to the last

close to the couple, Isabelle Morini-Bosc, columnist at TPMP, gave details about the journalist’s last daysin a coma and supervised by his wife until his last breath. “We had been fearing his departure for several days. I do not think his wife, Nathalie Marquaywill be angry at me for reporting on the conversation we had on Monday afternoon: she had been watching him day and night for three weeks at the Georges Pompidou Hospital, where he had been admitted, not for his lung cancer, which he apparently struck, but for a chain of other health problems that has successively declared itself“, she confided in RTL.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay: their meeting … at the Miss France election

Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay had sealed their union in 2007, five years after they met on the eve of the 2002 Miss France election. “Geneviève de Fontenay told me: ‘I want to put you next to Nathalie Marquay in the room … The director filmed us many times during the evening because’we can not stop laughing“, Had entrusted the journalist 50’India. When one ignores the 17 years that separated them, the dwarf parrots have always been united …. until the very end.

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