Pierre Palmade, who thought he loved women, remembers his 9-year marriage to Véronique Sanson when no one believed it

Pierre Palmade was married to Véronique Sanson for nine years. And if he said he was happy for her, “the actor also feels like he damaged his image”.

Pierre Palmade is not a very stingy person with confidence, especially when it comes to his privacy. Most of the time, the comedian talks about his homosexuality in interviews.

Not only does the 50-year-old assume his sexual orientation, but he also perceives it with ambivalence, especially since he has previously been married to a woman. A marriage that no one believed in.

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“Nobody Believes It”: THEIR MARRIAGE WAS FAKE?

Like most celebrities, Pierre Palmade also had difficult years in his life. However, it seems that the actor has finally found peace. In fact, a few years ago, the man modestly evoked his doubts, his cracks and his weaknesses, in an interview awarded to Têtu magazine.

At the same time, he remembered his marriage to the singer Véronique Sanson, which especially provoked controversy at the time.

Singer Véronique Sanson and comedian Pierre Palmade on April 12, 2016 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images.

“I found myself romantically hetero and sexually gay. I had love affairs with women, including a very famous one, with Véronique Sanson. No one believes that, but I do not care.

In fact, no one believed in the marriage between Pierre Palmade and Véronique Sanson. The latter has at least stated that he was happy in his relationship with the singer, even though he was feeling a little bad with his ex-wife.

Pierre Palmade participates in Pierre Richard Retrospective at the French Cinematheque on April 6, 2016 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

“It hurt Véronique (…) I hurt Véronique because she had a wonderful privacy. I have the impression that I have damaged his image (…) ”,

revealed the one who has already played in the play called “Le Comique”.

Moreover, Véronique Sanson was not the only woman with whom Pierre Palmade had relationships. In fact, the comedian had 4-5 wives in his lifetime. Women he thought he loved.

Comedian Pierre Palmade and singer Véronique Sanson pose after Robert Charlebois: “50 years, 50 songs”: Concert at Bobino on April 12, 2016 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

“I had 4 or 5 women in my life. I believed in it, I made myself believe it, and it worked.”

“It was not accidental”

Although Pierre Palmade has rubbed shoulders with several women before, the one who has shaped his life the most is still Véronique Sanson, who once bore his name.

Pierre Palmade and Véronique Sanson rehearsing the game ‘ILS S’AIMENT’ at La Cigale | Photo: Getty Images

As a reminder, it was in 1995 that the two bonded. He was 27 at the time. Unfortunately, their marriage was not meant to last when the couple broke up 9 years later. After this breakup, people then started talking about the comedian’s sexual orientation.

It was not until years later that Pierre Palmade broke the silence. And according to some, his statements questioned his sincerity during his marriage to the interpreter of the song “Amoureuse”. The former couple, however, did not like the critics, and despite their separation, they remained close.

Pierre Palmade at the premiere at the Paris Theater Production They Loved Each Other in 2001. | Photo: Getty Images

“(…) The more time passes, the more we are complicit, the more we laugh, as I rarely laugh with anyone (…) the more it goes, the more I tell myself it was not accidental (. ..) “,


The least we can say is that despite the breakup between Pierre Palmade and Véronique Sanson, as well as criticism of the comedian’s sexuality, the two stars have stayed very close and maintain good relationships. The comedian nevertheless believed that they should not have entered into marriage.

“I believe that marriage … We should not have that, we should have remained lovers and accomplices as we were. It has gone too far “,

he said in May 2019, in an interview with “C à Vous”.

Either way, today Pierre Palmade is still in touch with Véronique Sanson. We can even say that the bond that unites them is stronger than ever as they tell their secrets and they feel less alone when they are together.

Singer Véronique Sanson is pictured at the gala on October 19, 2016 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images


Pierre Palmade fought to accept his homosexuality. And if he ended up coming out, the confidences he gained about his sexual orientation leave some confused.

The fact is that in the past, Véronique Sanson’s ex-husband said he felt bad about himself. He stated in particular that if he had had the choice, he would have preferred to be straight.

The French comedian Pierre Palmade | Photo: Getty Images

“If I had the choice, I would have chosen straight, it’s easier to live with. I do not know anyone who, as a 15-year-old, when he thinks he is about to be gay, says to himself ‘amazing! My life is going to be amazing … No! It is boring”,



natives of Bordeaux.

But all this is now behind the comedian. He has learned to live with it and tries to be at peace with himself.


As mentioned above, Pierre Palmade went through dark times in his life. In fact, there was a time when the French movie star had problems with alcohol and drugs.

A particularly complicated period, which now lies behind him.

The French humorist Pierre Palmade | Photo: Getty Images

From now on, all Pierre is looking for is stability.

“The problem is that I seduce a lot, but I am also very much back. Because of my relentless demand (…) “,

trusted Véronique Sanson’s ex-husband in an interview with Gala.

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