Rodolphe Delord, Director of Zooparc de Beauval

The year 2021 has necessarily been a contrasting year for Beauval Zoo, with its share of good and bad news already. Of course, there is this endless health crisis, which punished you with five months of closure at the beginning of the year, even though attendance has since resumed and resumed well.

“Over two years in total. That is, over 2020 and 2021, we had a total of nine and a half months of closure, which is colossal, and which was a big first place in Beauval’s life for 41 years. Season 2021. The summer season had started again “in a very important way, and many visitors came back because the French stayed in France. In addition, at the Parc de Beauval we receive mainly French customers. So we are in the process of reopening these months.”

Which means that despite the health crisis, you are finally not far from the attendance record set in 2019 …

“We are not very far from that. Over seven months we got 1 million 400,000 visitors. It is not over yet. The year ends on December 31. During the Christmas holidays. We expect relatively many visitors, especially since we are going to arranged evenings with the opportunity to eat in the dome while our visitors have returned.And there is a very clear return to achieve this for the conservation of biodiversity.It does not make sense.N has never been so visited in recent years and Beauval is in constant growth. In addition, during this period of confinement we have used the opportunity to carry out major renovation and decoration work. So each time we reopened an even more beautiful park and we continue in this direction. This winter we are still running out of very important work. “

And then of course, on the bad news site, there was in early December your mother, Françoise, the founder of Beauval zoo, died in 1980. One of your projects, I think, is to renovate the aviaries that were the park’s origin. It will also be a way to pay tribute to him.

Yes, mother died on December 3rd. In fact, we continue. The renovation work of the first structures in the park has been deleted. Pass of course, but always get better as the park ages and above all, always for the welfare of our animals, to make our public dream and raise awareness even more always about the conservation of our endangered biodiversity of our endangered biodiversity.

On the good news side, of course, 2021 was marked by the birth of baby pandas in August last year. Two twins after already, we remember, a birth in 2017. These are really unusual events.

These are extraordinary events. But it’s not just pandas. There are many other animals, many other births. But of course the three births of pandas and babies in 2017 and the twins born on August 2nd. Visitors can see there every day and they are adorable. They weigh 7 kg. They are sometimes with their mother, sometimes without their mother, because their mother still needs to rest, eat quietly and sleep. Sometimes, but not always with babies. But the public can at least watch there from morning to night, play together, do somersaults. They are absolutely adorable. There has been bad news, there has been good news and I look at things positively. We continue to move forward. We have very important projects. We have about twenty construction sites in the park, and also very large investment projects for the future will start work on our fifth hotel complex, a 140-room hotel in the middle of Saint-Aignan, and also large development projects for Beauval, for the future, for 2022, 2023, 2024 .

As for the pandas that arrived in 2012, they were supposed to return to China next year, but that will not be the case. The price will be extended. Can you confirm for us?

“So baby Yuan Meng, who was born in 2017, will be leaving again, but at the moment it’s been pushed back a bit because of Covid-19. We can not currently go to China and travel to China. It’s complicated. So, since the baby panda has to be accompanied by our team and by Chinese teams, it’s complicated, so at the moment it’s a bit delayed. As for the partnership regarding the parents, we hope to extend the partnership. It has not yet been implemented. We hope to sign soon.Exchanges between France and China are complicated because of Covid at the moment.I recently met the Chinese Ambassador.I met Madame Macron there a few days ago.We spoke.I was part of the last state tour in 2019 with President Emmanuel Macron.There have been no other state trips since November 2019, contrary to what was planned, due to the sanitary conditions.So as soon as the sanitary conditions allow the ront, I hope to be able to go to China and be in sta nd to sign the future partnership for definitely ten more years. “

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