Rudy (Married at first sight) found love again? He’s making his couple official …?

Rudy: Over time, the show Married at First sight has become a social phenomenon. And it is not his elders who will contradict us!

Rudy: What happens after Married at First Sight ends?

Before you start addressing these elders of Married at First sight, Object gives a brief reminder of the rules of this reality TV show. First of all, both men and women need to answer a personality test. Without taboos and above all without hiding the slightest data from shrinks, they are simply giving their vision of love, the couple and life. Thanks to the information gathered from both sides, the experts analyze the similarities. The figure obtained serves as a basis and often as motivation. This percentage will thus be revealed to the families so that they understand the benefits of the approach.

Then the preparations for the D-Day Camera begin Married at First sight is everywhere! Especially when Monsieur goes to buy her suit and Madame her dress. Everything is done in such a way that we can see behind the scenes from both sides. But sometimes things do not go as planned. As proof, this year it is this mythical couple who have decided to no longer commit to each other.

A great season

Just before the first incarceration, we were in the middle of the broadcast of the fourth season. Also among the many portraits of Married at First sight, there were about three that stood out. Let us first look at the most complex case. With Rudy, the production had cold sweat. It was not so much him who was the problem, but his suitor. For the first time in the game, we realize that she has an identical score with another member of the cast, Sylvain.

From then on, the excitement sets in. In each section of Married at First sight, Object clings to his couch and gets ready to enter the turbulent zone. We learn from the beauties of this incredible trio. To begin with, shrinks decides to organize blind appointments. The young woman’s heart ends up going through Sylvain, leaving the unfortunate Rudy on the floor. No one, however, could have foreseen the tragic death of the candidate’s mother. Broken into a thousand pieces, he cancels his marriage to Sarah. Determined not to take advantage of Rudy’s kindness, she takes on adventures M6 with losses and crashes. Incredible! How to rebuild after that?

But this is not the only case where Married at First sight left a bitter taste. We remember Matthieu, who was disappointed with the course of events. He, too, preferred to be separated from the balance. A few months later, he shows up on social networks with a luminous woman. The only thing we know about her is that her name is Chanel. And of course, we wish them, as usual, all the best in the world and definitely pick up the pieces with Cupid!

This news that makes everyone agree

Rudy did not want to participate in the recordings of the reunion with the elders from his session. Why ? Simply because it should remind him of bad memories. The presence of the camera Married at First sight can sometimes weigh on morale, but also on the fragile basis of his new life. If we have something to say or share, it is better to use social networks. However, there are many viewers who want the candidate knocked out by Sarah.

Luckily for us, we have access to his Instagram account. And surprise, the day after this particular, a story emerges. Rudy is not alone and seems more smiling than ever! the day after the broadcast, the young man has exclusively revealed that he was in a relationship. For And the message leaves no room for doubt ” My own reality? What have I become? I live my best life On the other hand, do not expect him to say more. It’s his secret garden he wants to preserve, at all costs … especially hold on Married at First sight!

And finally…

To conclude with a third musketeer, let’s tackle the thorny case of Adrien. As you can see in this video, his experience is in Married at First sight was a disaster. His ex-wife Mélodie toured TV sets, including TPMP many times to condemn the methods of production. With a desire to take some distance from this media noise, we try again here to examine what is happening on the side of the web. Fantastic ! He has also built a new life together with the beautiful Sandy. Nothing could make us happier than this news! As long as it lasts … after the next paragraph!

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