She sends selfies to her husband, he is applying for divorce, you noticed …

Our smartphones are precious possessions that never leave us. Our whole life is in this important little accessory. And we can do more and more things with it. They are no longer just for calling or texting. No, we can do anything about it. Paying for shopping, having fun playing games, taking pictures … It’s also the way to keep in touch with all the people who are dear to us, even if they are not physically present. This is the case, for example, with many couples living at a distance. It is very convenient, but sometimes it can also be very dangerous if you misinterpret a photo or a font. This woman would never have imagined that a selfie would trigger such an argument with her husband. Experience the story of this young couple.

A fatal selfie for the couple, she is forced to reveal the truth about her real job

The young woman sends a selfie to her husband to give him news. If she had known, she would not have done it! In fact, this mistake created an inconceivable conflict. Her husband sees a detail in the picture and literally freaks out. It was not a detail for him, but something very important. The man is ready to sleep in bed, the laptop is vibrating, he is looking at the selfie sent by his wife who is on the weekend with a friend … He automatically smiles … But it gets short!

A sweet first SMS

“Hi honey, I miss you”, she writes. Her husband replies that it was mutual. She admits to him that she has bought new clothes. ” Show me “, then asks her treasure. Ten seconds she runs and sends the famous selfie that will trigger a war!

At first, nothing out of the ordinary, her husband responds with heart-shaped emojis ” You are beautiful !”. This little game amuses her so she asks her: “Do you want to see more? “. Very soon a new selfie arrives. And here’s the drama. The young man zooms in and becomes speechless as he sees a detail. To better understand the situation, we need to give you some historical background.

A secret past

The couple met each other three years ago and have been married for two years. When the young woman was younger, she had a life very different than we imagine. In fact, she worked like a playboy rabbit. Many people find this job very negative, but she always did it of her choice. Although she initially had other career ambitions, she was never good at school and it was a way to earn well. Even though she liked her job, she still ended up resigning because the gaze of others was too heavy. Then she meets her husband, at the end of this period of her life.

Zoom in on the selfie and that’s the drama!

By zooming in on the selfie, her husband realized that she was not wearing her wedding ring, and that in none of the pictures. Had she been unfaithful to him over the weekend? That was the first thing her husband found, and he flew into a deep rage. He writes to her, thank you and turns off his smartphone. He should have an explanation in person and not over the phone. While waiting for her return, he was crushed … He still loved her, but he immediately thought of divorce. Of course he could not sleep and saw her return all night.

A big fight breaks out

The front door opens … The man starts yelling at his wife. Anger, rage, sadness, disappointment, all emotions are mixed. His wife is in tears and she assures him that she was not cheating on him. On the other hand, she had lied to him at one point … She’s not exactly doing the job she said she did at the hotel. Trapped, she had to confess her true profession to him …

His wife admits to him that she has started a new job as a “s * xy” waitress in a bar. She is responsible for providing treats to wealthy customers while they wait for their ordered drinks to arrive. The latter admits that she hates having all the men’s eyes in the bar on her. But she needs money.

She earned less gratuity with her wedding ring

After a few evenings, the young woman realized one thing. When wearing your wedding ring, tips are not that interesting. So she decided to take it off when she was going to work. After this explanation, her husband is still angry. In fact, his wife still lied to him. On the other hand, he is relieved to discover that she is not unfaithful to him. Will he be able to forgive her for this lie? We hope they find common ground!

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