the baby’s gender and the name of the famous godfather revealed!

The former candidate for Married at First Sight, Marlène, is pregnant! It’s time for her to reveal to us what her future baby is, but also the name of the godmother and godfather. Fans will love it! The Objeko team tells you everything in this article.

Married at first sight: on the way to 7 years of success!

Who would have thought that a show like Gift at first sight would be so successful? Well, our Danish neighbors obviously! The concept for M6’s hit program was derived from the Danish show Gift Ved Første Blik, which also gave rise to the American spin-off show Married at first sight.

It must be said that we at Objeko, to put it mildly, would not have given this show a special … For those who do not know, Gift at First Sight is a show where candidates looking for a soulmate use a battery of psychological tests. They are then matched with another candidate, who is considered to be the most compatible by a panel of experts. But instead of flirting, the two candidates meet … on their wedding day!

It is in fact in front of the mayor of Grans (Bouches-du-Rhône) that the candidates in Married at first sight discover themselves. They can then decide if they say yes or if they decide not to extend the adventure. And for many, it’s love at first sight! Let us at least say that the candidates give themselves a chance. But what about the long term? Well, to be honest, the statistics of the series are not exactly amazing … Six months after their first marriage, the vast majority of couples are no longer together. Since the first season in 2016, it even looks like no pair have held up. Well almost!

Marlène and Sébastien: unexpected love!

Marlène and Sébastien, it’s crazy love! The beautiful young woman participated in the third season of Gift at First Sight. However, it was not with her lover! The daycare worker has actually been brought closer to a certain Kevin, the editor-in-chief who is four years younger than her. At first, everything seemed to go well for the two dwarf parrots! But the first tensions took place on their wedding night. Kevin said he was afraid everything was going so fast.

As soon as they return from their honeymoon, the couple strikes up. Married at first sight, however, would have given Marlène the opportunity to find love through a viewer! Sebastian. Her darling, with whom she is now in a civil partnership, fell in love with watching her on television. The young man is none other than a friend of Florian, a candidate for the second season of Married at First Sight! Through it, the two dwarf parrots met and were immediately paired!

Almost three years after their meeting, they are still spinning the perfect love, and have no intention of stopping in such a good way. They just took the next step in having a baby!

Marlène and Sébastien reveal the gender of their first child and the name of the godfather!

Marlène and Sébastien announced several months ago that they were expecting a baby. As is fashionable in the United States, the candidate for Gift wanted at first glance to make a Gender Reveal. It is an unofficial ceremony, often filmed, where the couple expecting a child reveals the gender in a creative way.

This Wednesday, January 12, Marlène and Sébastien went to the famous Château de Crémat, in Nice, for their little ceremony, which they shared with all subscribers on social networks. And so they revealed through a blue smoke bomb that they are expecting a little boy! The ex-candidate for Gift at first glance writes “Baby boy. Soon the family grows and it is a little boy that we must welcome with a lot of love.. ”.

And this is not the only good news that the couple has announced! The names of the godmother and godfather have been announced to the delight of fans of the show:

We also take this opportunity to introduce you to his godfather and godmother. Oriane thank you for being in my life for over 20 years! You were the first to know the sex of the baby, and that’s something! You will be a wonderful godmother! Florian, who better than you to tell our love story to a little boy? Thank you because it is also thanks to you that all this is possible”. The whole Objeko team wishes them a lot of luck in the future!

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