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CANCER – On October 21, 2021, we announce to my husband that he has cancer of the tongue. Phase 2 operable cancer. To date, February 22, 2022, he has been out since October 22, 2021, ie 123 days. He therefore went for half salary in salary for 1 month.

It was around January 20 that the administrative burden really took hold when I contacted our banks to get a mortgage insurance. It’s me who does all the paperwork, my husband is in treatment with 7 weeks of radiation treatment and alternating chemo sessions, he is not able to do it on his own.

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Infinite documents

The banks are actually asking us for endless papers. When we take out these insurances, we do not have to hand out a lot of paperwork. But when it comes to these so-called insurances going out with their money, it’s a different story.

Here are lists of documents they request, and of course it is not optional, they are even crucial for the file to be considered complete:

  • CPAM counts / registers since 2017 (must be 5 years back);
  • all the reports on all the examinations my husband has done (MRI, PETscan, scanner, tumor removal, placement of a gastric tube, etc.);
  • a copy of my husband’s ID (you never know if it was not really him …);
  • a certificate from my husband’s employer;
  • statements of unemployment benefits: statements of unemployment benefits from the social security reach us every 15 days. Well, of course, in return, we have to send them every 15 days to our insurance.

Because of course that’s all we have to do … especially my husband in full treatment …

Additional fees

Added to this administrative burden is CPAM, which withholds deductibles from my husband’s consultations. I state that my husband has been in ALD (Long-Term Affection) since 16/11/2021. In ALD, no deductible is normally required.

I think it is shameful to make patients pay a double penalty. These deductibles go up to 20 euros for a 2-day hospitalization for the installation of a gastric tube. That is unacceptable! And of course, if we do not follow our trusted records, in addition to being sick, we feel we are being cheated and exploiting people’s misfortune.

“Do something to simplify.”

And to get a phone interview with Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, hang on. There is also no one who responds to emails. So I have to make an appointment at the agency closest to our home. I want to go there as my husband can not speak due to his treatment and is very weak.

Except that CPAM calls me to inform me that I need to come up with a power of attorney signed by my husband and a photocopy of his identity document. Because you never know if I would take advantage of my sick husband’s situation …

So okay, some people are really bad, but let’s trust a little, especially in case of cancer. The number of malicious people in relation to the number of honest people must be very low.

All this is not normal.

Urgent simplification

Ladies and gentlemen deputies, ladies and gentlemen senators, ladies and gentlemen politicians, come and see the real reality of the place. Come and see the administrative burden for sick people. It’s shameful. And yet we are young (40 years).

But I put myself in the place of older people who are not comfortable with computers or paperwork … Do something to simplify.

Develop a single platform with a link between all healthcare professionals and insurance or other providers (CPAM, mutual, etc.), while ensuring that medical confidentiality is maintained. A good listener!

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