The man throws out the wife’s sister and lies about it

A desperate woman took to Reddit to share a shaky conflict she had been through with her family.

“AITA” or “Am I the A ** hole”, subreddit is an online community where people can come and anonymously share their frustrations with strangers and get strangers’ thoughts about the conflict.

Subreddit users then vote on who “the a ** hole” is, if any.

The wife worries if she overreacts after her husband threw out her sister and little nephew.

The woman says her 20-year-old sister had just come out of a bad relationship, so she and her husband both voluntarily opened their home to her.

She explains that after the breakup, her younger sister was left with a 5 month old son as well as mental issues like PPD and depression.

The woman makes it very clear that her husband was at first keen to let his sister stay with them when she asked, and he even picked her up and brought her to their house.

Shortly after his sister moved in, the man began to see this as a problem.

The woman’s sister had only been living there for two weeks when her husband began complaining about the new life situation, especially frustrated by their nephew’s crying, which the man said “gave him stress”.

Understanding that babies are likely to cry, the woman did not really have much consolation for the complainants, but she “suggested he put on some headphones” to block out the noise.

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