The resident of Cocquerel is moved by the slaughter in Long of the wild boar he had tamed


My wife rescued him from certain death on November 16, 2020, when we found him downstairs. She fed him a bottle. He was left to live freely on a two-acre pasture with our donkey Gaston. August
never ran away for two years. He became afraid of working for the neighbor. He traveled to the valley and within 24 hours he was killed. Poor animal. “In Cocquerel, Christian Niquet, 60, and His Family”
mourn the pig august
“, The boar they had tamed was slaughtered in the neighboring town of Long, on the night between Friday 18 March and Saturday 19 March 2022.

On Friday, March 18, August went into various Long properties, causing panic among some voters. The wild boar weighed between 80 to 90 kg.

A decision taken by a lieutenant of louveterie following a prefectural decree, as confirmed by Philippe Fournier-Montgieux, sub-prefect of the arrondissement of Abbeville: ”
This type of decision is made regularly depending on the situation.
“. In this particular case, several attempts to remove the animal took place upstream.”
On Friday 18 March around 4 pm, the town hall was informed that a wild boar was walking in the town and causing some damage.reports Jean-Marie Pecquet, Mayor of Long. I went there, I did not see him. I had to leave for professional reasons, but two municipal agents were present. The boar was going to the properties. They tried to get him to go and he came back.

The animal pushed back to Cocquerel

The town hall then warned the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), then a lieutenant for wolf hunting in the sector ”
get the animal out of the village. He managed to push him back on the plain, towards Cocquerelcontinues Jean-Marie Pecquet, who a little later received new calls from citizens: the boar was back. They were afraid of this 80-90 kg animal, which crashed into the fences. “At 10 pm, the elected representative received a call from the gendarmerie:”

people had called 17. I again contacted the lieutenant for louveterie. We tried to reach a vet to get the boar to sleep. But none of them could move.

The prefecture therefore issued an order for the slaughter of wild boar. The mayor and the lieutenant’s lieutenant met in the village square.
around midnight. The boar was still wandering. He was threatening; he almost threw me out. I had the scare of my life
Says Jean-Marie Pecquet. According to him, the animal is
walked into a property. He accused. The lieutenant decided to shoot him around noon.. »

“Protection of persons”

Chief Magistrate of Long recalls that ”
human protection
“justified this decision:”
Everything was done from the start to get him out of the village again. We followed the protocol. It remains a wild animal. This is not an order from the mayor of Long, but from the prefecture. We did not know who it belonged to.
As for Cocquerel, the Niquets first learned about the fate of August later:
I thought he had followed other boars. I was looking for it, but not on Long. I heard the news last Sunday while walking to the cafe on Long.

Christian Niquet says he knows ”
legislation because I was a hunter. I want to make it clear that I did not have it. August was free. But I do not understand how anyone could kill a beast that way. He was not evil to two cents. »

According to the mayor of Long, August was taken care of ”
for reproduction, as provided in the prefecture protocol. “A little consolation to Christian Niquet who refuses”
to see him end up in a pie. I remain more than sad. August had its place in our lives. We will try to turn the page slowly. »

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 – 17:02

Christian Niquet shared August’s story on Facebook. ”
Sir. mayor perform it for you without shame or love for animals, I see no value in you. You remain in my eyes only a cynical individual, good luck to you
“, He concludes in his publication dated March 20, 2022. Words that have generated sometimes virulent reactions from internet users. Jean-Marie Pecquet was the target of insults and threats. The first judge says he lodged a first complaint with the gendarmerie on Monday, March 21 ”
for slander against all internet users who have commented on me. The most unbearable thing in this story is the triggering of violence against me. There are unimaginably hateful utterances. I can not let myself get so dirty: the mayor’s office is also under attack. » On Tuesday, 22 March, Jean-Marie Pecquet lodged another complaint with the new comments. ”
on social media.

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