The “Visual Innovation Platform” enables SMEs and EITs to identify their key performance levers, develop a digital transformation roadmap, implement solutions and share their know-how and experiences with their peers

Visiativ Agora architecture is an open, modular, robust, scalable and secure cloud architecture that integrates fully with information and business systems thanks to its open API design

The new Visiativ brand strategy strengthens Visiativ’s promise, identity and commitment to support the companies of the future in France and internationally in their innovations and new business models

Lyon, March 23, 2022 – at. 18.00. Visiativ, the specialist in digital transformation and innovation for SMEs and ETIs, is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (FR0004029478, ALVIV).

Based on its experience with more than 21,000 SME / ETI customers, Visiativ, the digital transformation and innovation specialist, announces the launch of its new “Visiativ Innovation Platform”.

Visiativ is a true catalyst within its ecosystem and is characterized by three key dimensions: advice, solutions, and communities.

The goal of the Visual Innovation Platform is to provide continuity in local services to businesses to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive situations and respect their commitments on sustainable development.

“Visual Innovation Platform”, the leader’s allies

The company of the future will be a network: a platform company that connects employees, customers, products and partners.

This platform is designed for customers who are tired of siled applications and want to improve their performance through digital transformation and innovation, and enables SMEs and ETIs:

  • Start change through fast, flexible, online and targeted diagnostics
  • To gather knowledge about the company, to identify its current transformation phase and to initiate managers and employees in the next changes
  • Identify performance improvement handles, build the appropriate roadmap for the necessary transformations and implement proven solutions
  • To participate in communities of managers, experts and users.

This platform also implements new SaaS business applications:

  • Visiative Transformation Pilot: the dashboard that gathers the non-financial data that the leader and his change leaders need to make decisions and manage the transformation of their business in one place
  • Visiative Customer Service, which renews the experience of distributor networks and their own customers by providing the right information at the right time via a portal
  • Visiativ Quality Management which ensures implementation of total and digital quality with customers, partners, suppliers and employees in an efficient and traceable way from start to finish
  • Visiative Employee Engagement, which provides employees with the tools and information necessary for its development, connection to its ecosystem and productivity.

Laurent Fiard, Chairman and CEO of Visiativ, says: “ The Visual Innovation Platform brings together all of our expertise for the first time; consulting, our implementation solutions and services, and our communities all under one roof to maximize the value of our support to our customers. Our innovation platform allows our customers to quickly and easily take steps to transform their business. »

Visiativ Agora, the new technological architecture, opens up the company for more performance

This new architecture is open, scalable, modular, secure, robust and connects to the customer’s front and back office systems. It connects Visiativ’s technical stacks and core business solutions, from business processes to business data, including technical services, solutions and infrastructure. This architecture makes it easier for our customers to collaborate with their own customers and their partner ecosystem, while simplifying their internal communication and maximizing the value of their business data.

Thus, the company’s data is available to better serve the trade.

“I really appreciated Visiativ’s ability to deliver their Visiativ Innovation Platform; adapted advice but also the execution of the transformation project downstream? ” comments Benjamin BALATIN, Transformation Director at Fermob. “Visiativ has this unique ability to know and know how to talk to SMEs and EITs and their leaders. Much more than consulting, their support allowed us to quickly implement ‘ready-to-use’ solutions»

A new modern and simplified brand identity that reflects the value proposition

Visiativ unveils its promise: “Sharing is growing” *, reflecting the company’s desire to federate and commit to being a long-term partner. Through concrete values: common development, trust, ingenuity, adaptability, Visiativ places people at the heart of its approach. The company also made the bold decision to bring together solutions and services under a single Visiativ brand to make its offering more accessible and readable.

Laurent Fiard adds: “For 35 years, our mission has been to support our customers on their digital transformation journey. Our new, more modern, lively, vibrant and dynamic brand identity, as well as the simplification of the names of our solutions, will help customers, partners, partners and investors to better understand who we are. »

* sharing is progress


Visiativ’s calling is to make digital transformation a performance lever for companies. We do this by building with our customers in the long term. This is summed up by our promise: “Sharing, growing”.

We support our customers by providing solutions and services to plan, implement, manage and monitor transformations with a unique and innovative approach through three pillars: Consult (consulting and support), Engage (solutions and implementation) and Connect (exchange and sharing communities ). Thanks to proven experience from more than 35 years with more than 21,000 SME and ETI customers, Visiativ generated a turnover of € 214 million in 2021. Present in France and internationally (Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, USA, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland) Visiativ has more than 1,100 employees.

Visiativ (ISIN code FR0004029478, ALVIV) is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris. The action is PEA and PEA-PME justified.

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