“With all the love in the world”

More than ever, in the light of the dark times that lie ahead of us, in the light of the war raging across the world as it knocks on the doors of our borders, and against the many plagues that plague our society more and more Every day, it is time to put love, positive emotions and goodwill back at the center of our lives. That’s exactly what Disiz did with his new album, L’Amour. An intimate project that he was not afraid to qualify as “his finest record“.

This famous album I was listening to, and like many other listeners since it was released on Friday, March 18, 2022, it touched me. Touched in the heart by the sincerity and emotional sensitivity he shows. That’s why, instead of writing a traditional column, I decided to answer the rapper through the letter prism. Disiz, known to you as Sérigne M’Baye Gueye, you who in 2022 rap and sing about love from all angles, this letter is for you.

Dear Disiz,

I could spare words and say bluntly why your album Love is already a masterpiece, but that would be to respect the rest of your legacy. Because this album is not only the 13th disc in your discography, it is also the one that in my opinion symbolizes a new start in your life as a man, but also a new culmination of your career as an artist after more than twenty years spent in French rap. Finally, when I talk about a career as a rapper, it’s downright reductive, because as everyone knows, you’re not just limited to rap. Far from it.

Author of two books, the first under your bourgeois name and the second under your artist name, you have also made your way as an actor, both on stage and in dark spaces. Your rendition of Ixe in the film Dans tes rêves in 2005, by Éloi the following year in Petits murders en famille or your performance in Les Amours Vulnerables by Desdémone and Othello in the Nanterre-Amandiers Theater in 2013 are happy reminders that rappers can also shine via more “traditional” cultural media. I would also like to pay tribute to the humor you showed in the sketches Party Night Relou by Mister V and the latest, Disiz teaches me to rap ”with Panayotis Pascot. A comic facet that I like to find regularly in your music.

For let’s face it, even your multiple hats command respect, the area where you shine the most is music. Joey Starr had a flair when he saw you follow your maxi Bomb Beast. You who at that time were already rapping with Rimeurs à Gages, messed around to the sound of NTM in your Épinettes neighborhood in Évry, I dare not imagine how you felt when a pioneer like him opened the doors to the rap game for you .

In any case, I will always remember your solo debut. Even today, I freak out is a gem of storytelling that can easily compete with the best stories in the history of French rapeseed. It is also without a doubt thanks to this bomb that your early career, and especially your first album Le Poisson Rouge, had a resounding success. At a time when streaming is constantly redefining the codes of the music industry, it may seem hard to imagine, but in 2000, 200,000 copies of a first project were sold, it’s something of a score.

That said, with you, it’s pointless to talk about sales figures and certifications.. Simply because it was never your goal to be number 1 and at the top of the charts. For you, the authenticity of the artistic proposal has always been at the center of the creative process. Moreover, is it not ultimately the definition of an artist, a real one?

By measuring the impact and impact of your entire career, I’m convinced that if you had wanted to, you could have become a mega rap star. You clearly had the skills, but you made the wise choice to close the doors to the industry in order to remain artistically free and independent at all costs.

Your artistic freedom, of course, you have not deprived yourself of exalting it through your years in the game. From Poisson Rouge to Disizilla through your first swan field Disiz The Endthe bold In The Crocodile’s Stomach and the lavish Peaceful, none of the thirteen pieces of your solo discography are alike. Based on this observation, it’s easy to understand why your fan base is bridging several generations.

I still remember the confusing slap I got in 2017 when your Pacific album was released. An emotionally charged and deeply haunting pop musical ode that still resonates deep in my soul today. How not to evoke your short rock pose during Peter Punk’s childish and unrestrained features? In 2010, at a time when genre mixes were still rare in French rap, you took the risk of committing suicide for your career at the expense of respect for your beliefs, your mood and your mood.

Breaking codes to bring the music you love to life is the only thing that matters to you, and that’s what you’ve always done without ever worrying about the consequences. Moreover, when you think about it, it’s the same approach that probably animated the idea of ​​your last album. Stop me if I’m wrong, but Love is anything but a traditional rap record for me. In this you are not only artistically daring, exploring sounds far away from current rap trends, but you are also engaging personally as a human being and losing the brand like never before.

Love, the true, the sublime

Oh, love! A topic as complex as it is universal, right? Regardless of our connection to this intense feeling, we all have our favorite love songs. Especially in rap, many artists have explored the subject in depth, breadth and crosswise. You yourself have already tackled it on the occasion of titles like L’avocat des Anges on your first album or La fille de la piscine on the Pacifique to name a few. But I confirm that you have never talked about love in such a sincere and assertive way as in this new project. Incidentally, through a very original angle: the bride’s.

It may be an over-interpretation on my part, but your vision of love on this album immediately made me think to Marc Webb’s film, 500 Days Together (500 Days of Summer in its original title), a romantic comedy which tells how a chilled lover mourns his passionate relationship with the one he thought was the woman of his life. Far from the silly clichés of the genre, where separated couples always end up in extremes at an airport boarding gate and to other passengers’ emotional applause, this film does not lull us into the pink water. Instead, it teaches us to face separation, accept it, turn the page, and move on.

The only difference is that the tumultuous love story told in this album is not from a movie. It’s yours, the one you, Sérigne M’Baye Gueye, lived in for 25 years with your ex-wife, also the mother of your five children. Pitchet is this: Disiz is a very normal neighborhood man. Very pious, he married at the age of twenty, started rapping at the age of 21 and quickly saw himself driven forward on stage. Having become a successful rapper in the meantime, he is now divorced and as a 43-year-old he has visibly taken on the midlife crisis. “. That said, it’s almost like a summary of a romantic drama produced by Netflix, but let’s be honest, reality is not far off,

You talk about this new beginning and the question marks it entails with an open heart in your record: you, as the world took for the ideal son-in-law, you did some stupid things, you regret them, but above all, you assume. And so much the better, since as bad as they are, it is your demons who have made you the capable man you have become.

What lesson are you giving us … Your message is clear: In life, no one is perfect, and it is not because we preach the positive word that we are impeccable. No one is completely white or completely black, we are all human, and we have the right to have emotional weaknesses. The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes, to admit them and to know how to face reality. By assuming your own vulnerability and your nuances, you make those who listen to you understand what it really means to be a man, and that’s beautiful.

To be able to find the positive in a difficult breakup, to have the spiritual strength that is sufficient to retain only the good memories of a relationship by erasing hatred, reproach, and remorse, there are few people who are in able to do this. Clearly, your wisdom and maturity admire admiration.

But love is not just a relationship between a man and a woman, two men, two women or whatever, as long as the people involved sincerely love each other. On this album, you actually showed us that love could also exist between two artists, as evidenced by the special connection that is between you and Damso. Strengthened by your bonds that last over time and your respective artistic identities, you both have a different and complementary way of talking about love. Your poetry and its raw language thus form a magnificent duet, which crystallizes the “meeting” between two musical soulmates at the height of their art.

Also musically, this album shows how much you master your art like never before. Always daring in your choices of artistic direction, you are constantly seeking to push the boundaries of your creativity, to the point that you no longer do rap in the narrow sense. You certainly assume to tend towards an increasingly open musicality, in the image of the human-artist you have become. With all due respect to purists, Love is a mainstream pop music album with lots of song and melody. Disiz, do not listen to them, time may have killed your love but not your talent.

Anyway, glad to see that the worst is behind you and that this complicated time in your life has allowed you to draw such powerful emotional and creative strength. Therefore, I wish you good luck with the rest of your journey and the best for your label. Hope he never loses sight of what made your strength, namely the artistic proposal above all.

Until then and sincerely, for this album, for your entire career and with all the love in the world, Disiz, thank you.

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