Woman responds after man throws away all his tampons

A woman took to Reddit this week after arguing with her husband when she feared she was wrong because she yelled at him after he tossed his tampons because he did not feel “comfortable” with her.

Reddit’s “AITA” or “Am I the A ** hole” is an online community where users can come for an external opinion on something that bothers them.

In times of conflict, it is helpful to have the external perspective on who an outsider would perceive as the “hole” in the situation.

This time, a woman asked if she was mistaken for screaming when her husband threw away all her tampons.

The young couple has only been married for two months and a surprising conflict has already erupted between the two.

First, the 27-year-old gives some background to the story and explains that she has just started using tampons recently as she has used bandages in the past due to medical issues.

She also explains how she now prefers tampons, saying they “work 10 times better” for her, especially when she’s on the go.

Her husband, however, did not like the shift.

But according to her post, her husband hates that she now uses tampons. She writes: “He never really gave any other reason than just to say … he did not feel comfortable that I was using them.”

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