Xavier Bertand, already campaigning in Beauval

The president of the Hauts-de-France region was yesterday at the Zooparc de Beauval to visit the first tourist resort in the region. The presidential candidate also took the time to discuss with staff and local elected officials who came to meet him.

Xavier Bertrand wants to re-evaluate work and close the gap with social income. Photo by Jean-Luc Vezon

Surrounded by Guillaume Peltier, Deputy for Sologne and declared support for the former Minister of Labor and Philippe Gouet, President of the Department of Loir-et-Cher, Xavier Bertrand was on well-known grounds in Beauval because he knows his boss Rodolphe Delord well and enjoys zoos – he has taken many pictures.

Between the discovery of hippos, the giant dome with its manatees, gorillas and of course pandas (including the two twins a little snow and cotton flower, born on 2 August), Xavier Bertrand did not fail to have discussions with the staff. Here a gardener close to retirement, who began his career as a 16-year-old, there were three employees at a catering place with whom he discussed their transportation budget, the candidate slipped his transportation check project in the process. Ex-LR is more of a candidate than ever and wants to listen to the French and take the time to discuss.

Xavier Bertrand was able to talk to employees (here from a catering establishment) about their working and transport conditions. Photo by Jean-Luc Vezon

The application is maintained

During a press briefing on the site, Xavier Bertrand returned to several of his suggestions. Specifically, the Republic of the Territories which he intends to introduce: “Our country is blocked by bureaucracy and Parisian centralism. It is necessary to give back to the territories the management of the daily life of the French in employment, housing, nursing homes … The state must concentrate on its sovereign functions. We need to rebuild trust. “

Xavier Bertrand met and had lunch with about fifty local elected officials. On the menu, his project for a republic of the territories. Photo by Jean-Luc Vezon

The solution also involves more powers for the prefect to expedite the cases, but also the installation of a local territorial adviser who combines the competencies of the departmental and regional advisers. In this project of “division of the region”the two communities would remain in place.

“The first duty” and the people or the middle class are not forgotten with the desire to create an income gap between work and aid. ‘French people who work must live better. Otherwise, the return of the yellow vests will be worse “, declared a very offensive Xavier Bertrand on this issue and on the reduction of production taxes, which he intends to reduce massively by 35 billion to restore the competitiveness of our industrial companies. “In my region, I make a significant financial effort to welcome investors as the first two car battery factories. We need new productions in France”.

He also welcomed “talent and courage” by Guillaume Peltier, released from his duties as Republican No. 2 by Christian Jacob. ‘Guillaume is associated with the French, whom he knows well. He will accompany me in the campaign, the organization of which will be defined in the coming weeks. ” Xavier Bertrand stated, however, “sometimes have a debate about ideas” with the ardent deputy whom he thanks for being “one of the first to express his support for his candidacy”.

Beforehand, Xavier Bertrand had visited the Domaine de la Chapinière winery in Châteauvieux to immerse himself in the problems of winemakers who were hit hard by the frost in April last year. “We lost more than 50% of our harvest,” evoked Florence Veilex and Eric Yung. Xavier Bertrand highlighted his stay in the Cher Valley with a lunch with elected officials, including UDI parliamentarians Pascal Brindeau and Jean-Marie Janssens. On the menu: rural areas, the return of public services to the areas, housing, administrative reform and energy with open support for nuclear power and the rejection of all wind power, which “ruined our landscapes”.

Jean-Luc Vezon

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