“You do not deserve such a **!”: Rejected by her husband, Nathalie (“Married at First Sight”) receives support from Internet users

When he saw Nathalie for the first time, Michael could not hide his disappointment Married at First sight on RTL-TVI. “I did not expect that …“, he says. However, the 45-year-old man from Dison has agreed to marry this stranger, who according to scientific tests by experts would be 78.1% compatible with him. He decides to”let it be borne by the choices of science“.

During the ceremony, however, the mechanic does not feel out of place and is very distant with his wife. So much so that it bursts into tears in the toilets of the wedding hall. Confused, she confides in her friends, who somehow try to bring her comfort. For his part, Michael speaks with an open heart to his loved ones. Physically, Nathalie does not attract him.

After speaking with Jean-Luc Beaumont, an expert in love Married at First sight, Michael, however, seems ready to give Nathalie a chance. An ounce of hope pops up when they share a slow one Long time by Amir. “I’m happy with the endingSays Nathalie, who is a little more reassured than at the beginning of the evening.

Their first morning as husband and wife did not go like an adventure. Michael and Nathalie woke up tormented. “I think a lot. Maybe a little too much“, said the latter.”In the morning, when I get up, it’s awful. It is really terrible. It’s a bit of a panic. (…) It’s dog cold“, declares Nathalie on her part, asking questions to her husband without finding answers.”I try to talk to him, but he’s completely shut off.

On camera, Michael confides: “I do not really have any attraction to her. It scares me because I walk like that, by feeling. I hook or I do not hook. It’s a matter of feeling.“During a new interview with Jean-Luc Beaumont, however, the man said it would be a waste not to try to get to know Nathalie better.”He is a charming and kind person (…) But I do not want to hurt her and hurt her either“, he said.”His head says yes, but his heart is completely drawn, so it’s complicated for him. “says the expert to the camera.

The two spouses therefore fly to Greece. “I’m happy. I really want to know why we were put together. I feel like now I really want to know how he’s feeling. I am calm”, said Natalie.

“I think she has more attraction to me than I have to her “

Once there, Michael and Nathalie are very close and share several cozy moments. Nathalie begins to believe in the birth of a more than friendly relationship. “I think there is a love story that could happen because in the short time I know him, I see the things we were put together for“, she says. “There are little gestures that make me happy. If it continues, there’s the little flame there could light up between us. It could be more than friendship“Michael also enjoys time together.”Everything is going well. We laugh together. There is no longer any pressure.“But there are always reservations on the part of the groom.”I think she is more attracted to me than I am to her“, he says to the camera.

In the evening, Nathalie uses a one-on-one restaurant to tell Michael what she’s thinking, and blames him for not trying to get to know her better. Towards his wife, the latter tries to justify his behavior, but he does not succeed. “I think she realized she was more interested in me than I was in her.“, the mechanic concludes. The unrest has therefore resurfaced between Nathalie and Michael, who have just started their honeymoon …

Wave of support for Nathalie

Nathalie’s dismay touched the net. Since the broadcast of her marriage and the birth of her husband’s reluctance, messages of support have rolled around on social networks. For his part, Michael is surprised. “You’re a nice person and do not deserve such a t ***“”, “In light of the rude comments from Monsieur and his entourage … run fast in the other direction … you are far too good at all levels“, The guy is 45 years old, he was expecting to marry a girl of 25 😂😂, old guys who think they are young, it’s funny. Sorry for a healthy, balanced and radiant woman that she was married off to a superficial old guy who thinks he is prettier and younger than he is. You will find better, it’s obvious“or even” JI cross my fingers that he opened his eyes to you and discovered that you are a wonderful human being.“, We can read in the comments to the publications of Nathalie on Instagram.

On his Instagram page, Michael also faces angry internet users. “Poor Nathalie she deserves so much better. She is elegant. class. Clean …. and we put it down with a macho that gets off on 30-year-old bimboes.. “,”By betting everything on the physical, you will remain single for a long time. This woman was very beautiful!“,”I have only one thing to tell you, do not seek perfection, otherwise you will end your life alone …. 😉“, are the messages that can be found next to the pictures that immortalize his experience in Married at First sight.

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