10 board games to develop your band

Ask the questions you have never dared to ask, discover your partner deeper, new shared fantasies or enjoy the giggle until the end of the night! Communication in the couple is key. And these board games are really good excuses to strengthen the bond between you.

For a date or a new relationship, these games (mostly in short form) will also get you started on the right foot. Which of these 10 games will boost your bond as a couple? Place your bets!

1 – Jouissance Club box: engage the discussion and take action!

You are definitely familiar with the Instagram account or the Jouissance Club book, which offer playful and beautifully illustrated instructions for sexuality richer. Well, its creator Jüne Plä recently released “The Jouissance Club Box – Let’s Talk About”. One card games for those who want to improve in the sexuality department.

The box contains 200 cards: 65 discussion cards, 60 illustrated tip cards, 73 sample cards and 2 wild cards. The game encourages discussion on taboo topics – or not – with open-ended questions, to get to know you better. He also has a sparkling site that offers techniques to try live, new acrobatic sex positions or the ones you think you already master.

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2 – Let’s talk: reclaim the rules and have fun

As with the first game, this is the fruit of a successful Instagram account, in addition to a podcast of the same name. To discuss offers, as in its derivative products, refute our received ideas about sex in a fun way. The game addresses, among other things, the problems regarding consent, sex fails, fears, unrecognized desires and taboos related to sexuality.

Its creator Léa is a trained sex therapist. She realized that most of the messages she received, especially via her Instagram, mentioned blockages due to lack of communication in couples. She then created this board game to open up a lasting benevolent and spicy dialogue. Léa thought of Let’s Talk as an interactive exercise where any couple can re-learn the rules. Try it!

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3 – 2 minutes my beloved! : promoting romantic intimacy

With the active life we ​​lead, Getting time is not always easy. When you’re in a relationship, it’s the same old story, but it’s essential in a relationship. This card game is specially designed to release you just 2 minutes together.

We find there 52 cards with themes that promote communication. It’s easy, fast and fun. Shared moments of happiness are yours!

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4 – DIMOI: start exciting conversations

The DIMOI game aims to develop their romantic bond by starting exciting conversations. We know: communication in the couple is the key! The principle of DIMOI is simple. The game contains 144 cards divided into four categories. “We” address themes around your relationship and your relationships with others. “Pop-Corn” is the one that makes you all stand out your best stories. “For interior” takes you on a journey deep inside you, with introspection questions and deeper reflection. The last category, “Torrid” is the most deliciousthe one that allows you to “create an intimate bond”.

This game promotes “well-placed curiosity”: “What’s your hottest sexual memory with me?” », “If you were arrested by the police, what would your family and loved ones suspect you of?”. This is the kind of game you will not be able to stop! And you will not even realize that you kept playing it takes exciting conversations until the end of the night !

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5 – Ciao comfort zone: the special pair version

The whims of life do sometimes we get stuck in a rut without being aware of it. This card game is specially designed to remedy this. We find there sexuality cards, but also “wiser”, which touch on emotions to communicate better two and the little romantic acts that we can do for each other to strengthen the bond. It has been decided we break the routine in our couple !

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6 – Totem Couples: a “feel good” game for two … or more!

Get ready to receive and give thousands of compliments, it’s a real “feel good game”! Totem Couples offers you Discover your own strengths and qualities through your partner’s eyes. The original Totem game is presented as a card game consisting of two types of cards: “Background” and “Animal”. Basically, one of the participants must choose an animal or a quality from certain cards, assign them to another and explain why these cards. In the love version, the categories “Quality” and “Emotions” have been added.

For example, this gives: When I see you defend your point of view (context), I will give you the parrot totem (“you express yourself by listening respectfully”) open-mindedness (quality), and in these moments I feel inspired (feeling). As a couple, this game allows you toenrich your intimacy, but it adapts very well to living a moment with other couples. You can share what inspires you about the other couples present. Why not try?

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7 – Osmooz: flirting, osmosis and passion

Osmooz offers 180 topics to talk aboutdivided into 5 categories. Self-disclosure, participation, our projects, Olé Olé and challenges. In addition to questions that will arouse curiosity and communication in your relationship, the cards offer “coupons for” that will spice up your relationship. “Good for a cooked meal”, “Good for a romantic evening …”etc It’s just as good for a date as it is for a long-term couple.

The little extra from Osmooz: the cards are printed in France on good quality recycled paper, and 1% of the profits are donated to charity. This year: Restos du Cœur.

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8 – TouchMe: the naughty game par excellence

Touch me promises you the most intense foreplay to spice up your sex life together. In return, you and your partner will have to do what the mission booklet asks you to do. This game contains three sensual accessories to accompany you: a ball massage glove, a soft feather duster and an eye mask. Together you can discover new erogenous zones and new unimaginable fantasies!

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9 – Intimate missions: “nothing is obligatory, but everything is possible”

“Intimate missions” are a game board consisting of farmers, 240 mission cards and 240 question cards. You can do that at the same time test your knowledge and your craziest desires regarding sex. Based on the “Truth or Dare” model, this game can quickly become very exciting. Even for the most competitive people, it is not not sure you will be able to hold out until the end of the game

Developed in collaboration with sexologists, this naughty game is based on respect for partners, and “does not harm women”. Nothing is mandatory, but anything is possible! This edition is played for two and is intended for heterosexual couples.

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10 – Conversations: spirituality, experience, love & desires

In the program: deep and stimulating conversations by asking rarely asked questions. At your disposal 220 questions on various topics and themes : spirituality, experience, love or even desires. Simply shuffle the cards and take turns drawing a card. One person reads the question and the other gives their answer. During an evening while traveling or in the car, to you the deep and intimate connection with your partner !

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And you, have you ever played one of these board games with your partner? Tell us about your experience on the forum of Body optimists !

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