5 reasons why Simon and Daphne are soulmates (and 5 why they are toxic)

People everywhere can not get enough of Bridgerton series on Netflix. The exaggerated drama from the Regency era may be campy, but it’s fun too. The ins and outs of London’s high society have fans hooked, and the scenery and costumes are amazing. More than that, the love story between Daphne and Simon is what brought fans to their screens.

While the first season was centered on the love story between Daphne Bridgeton and Simon Bassett, fans have many opinions about their union. There has been a lot of talk about the toxic elements in their relationship, but there are also reasons why these two go well together and why they work well. From memorable quotes to moments of passion, Daphne and Simon’s love story is one for the times.

Updated March 12, 2022 by Lynn Gibbs: Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett’s love story was one of the most exciting stories in Bridgerton season 1. Although the two were first friends, the passion between them became too much to bear. They gave in to their wishes and became an official couple, even though Simon’s commitment issues were at the forefront of their union. While fans loved their relationship on the show, their bond was not perfect. Both had toxic traits that negatively affected their relationship, despite all the love they had for each other.

Daphne and Simon were poisonous due to

There was a power struggle between them

Any romantic relationship established in this world will be quite strained given the dynamics and inequality of the sexes. Although the series was right in updating the story with an almost race-blind narrative, it still contains the same sexist elements that are somewhat true to the story.

That being said, there will always be the fact that Simon has a lot more power and voice than Daphne. The toxicity of this dynamic was simply due to the time period they were in and Simon’s rank and title.

Simon lied to her about why he did not want children

One of the biggest problems with their relationship is that it is built on lies and secrets to begin with. Neither of them is very open to the other about what they really want because their arrangement is wrong in the beginning. Once they became a real couple, they fainted Bridgertonthe thought of scaring the other way with their true thoughts was too much.

So when Simon tells Daphne he can not have children, he does not tell her the truth. He gives the impression that he can not get them physically and does not talk about the wish he gave his father.

Simon was not as open to her about sexuality as he should have been

Another worrying issue between these two has a lot to do with their community as a whole, but also with them as a couple. Because they do not correct in the beginning, Simon leaks information about sex that would normally be considered extremely inappropriate for a man to tell a woman.

But given his background, he became a frustrated figure for fans as he did not talk to her about sex again after they got married and before they did the deed. By the end of the series, Daphne had just realized how babies were actually made – something that Simon, and even his mother, had kept hidden from her.

Their whole relationship was built on miscommunication

Bridgerton falls into one of the traps that many romantic stories find themselves in. This is the trope that suggests that miscommunication is ruining a relationship. The truth is that if Daphne and Simon had had some honest discussions about their feelings for each other, so much drama could have been avoided. But what came out of those moments were some of the best quotes about their love.

While it might be fun to watch this drama unfold, a relationship where a character can not be open about their feelings is not exactly healthy.

Daphne assaulted Simon

The worst and most toxic thing that happens in this relationship is when Daphne forces Simon to try to get her pregnant without her consent. Even though they were married and in love, it is an assault. The only reason it’s not worse is that Daphne has so little understanding of sex and consent in the first place that it gets a little messy.

This scene, however, was still disturbing, for though Simon asked her to get away from him, she did not. It would be much better if she at least admitted that she was wrong, but instead waited to see if she was pregnant, and kept her distance from him. Simon’s desire to be childless was one of the saddest aspects of Simon’s character. His childhood haunted him, and Daphne ignored it.

Daphne and Simon were related spirits due to

They were physically attracted to each other

Although there have been times when Bridgerton resembled other vintage pieces such as Pride and Prejudicehe had a much more modern approach to sexuality.

Episode 6 shocked and excited fans as it was very explicit and had a lot of really hot scenes. If there is one thing Daphne and Simon go after them, it is that they are physically to each other.

They were equal intellectuals

For women like Daphne and many others in the show, life can be quite frustrating. Although these women were intelligent and capable, they were not really seen as equals with men in one way or another.

However, Simon considered Daphne to be intelligent and at his level when it came to conversation. Despite the stunning outfits and manners, Daphne proved to Simon that she is more than just a beautiful face. They were able to verbally argue and joke with each other in a way that satisfied them both.

They were willing to sacrifice a lot to be together

The circumstances under which Simon and Daphne agree to marry are quite unfortunate. Because Anthony catches them kissing in the garden, this secret can spill over into the community and ruin the surname. They must then marry to protect Daphne’s honor.

By doing so, they give up both things they want in the beginning, but in the end, they are both ready to do it because they truly love each other.

They finally learned to open up to each other

While Daphne and Simon initially struggled to tell each other the truth, they finally found out, even after they got married. As they went through the longing for their new relationship, Daphne and Simon struggled more because they began to open up to each other.

Hopefully, fans of season 2 will see that these two have a much more satisfying and emotionally honest relationship, though season 2 will not focus on their story.

They got the best out of society and the situation they lived in

There are many toxic elements in this couple, but most of the problems between them seem to stem from living in such an oppressive and controlling society, so sexist and moralistic around sex and relationships.

They were not perfect and some mistakes were big. However, they did the best they could. They were two of the best characters in the program, and fans will miss watching their relationship unfold in season 2.

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