“A bad meeting,” according to Laurence Prézelin’s husband

The circumstances surrounding Laurence Prézelin’s death remain mysterious, ten days after the discovery of his body in a ditch near Nieul-sur-Mer in Charente-Maritime. While analyzes are still ongoing, Pascal Prézelin, her husband, is convinced that his wife had a bad meeting the night she disappeared.

How did Laurence Prézelin, this 52-year-old woman, whose body was found in mid-February in a ditch on the road to Aubreçay in Charente-Maritime, die?

ON At this stage of the investigation, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in La Rochelle does not rule out any hypothesis, but Deputy prosecutors qualified this Thursday, this case “strange and complex”.

On January 17, Laurence Prézelin and her husband quarrel. The 50-year-old leaves his home in Nieul-sur-Mer, near La Rochelle, around 1 p.m.

She told me I’m on my way to L’Aubreçay. Come and get me.

Pascal Prézelin, husband of Laurence Prézelin

What particularly questions her husband, Pascal Prézelin, is the phone call received at 7:09 p.m., the day of his disappearance.

“She told me I’m on my way to L’Aubreçay, come and get me”, he remembers. He then claims to have left with his son to the specified location, which is about 1.5 kilometers from their home.

“We never found her, it was dark at the time”says Pascal Prézelin, who is convinced that his wife had a bad meeting that night.

“It’s my intuition, I have no evidence. When she called me, it sounded like a cry for help”he states.

On January 20, the Charente-Maritime gendarmes issued an appeal to witnesses and mobilized significant resources, including blows, to try to locate the missing person.

The case returns on February 16 around noon. The body of Laurence Prézelin is hidden under thorns, set back from the road, along section 107. The papers, purse, money and mobile phone are next to the body.

ON To date, the hypothesis of suicide has not been ruled out, but it has not been confirmed by investigators. Pascal Prézelin is formula for him, Laurence could not end his life.

“She had no suicidal thoughts and what surprises me is the discovery of the body under the tar hairs. If she had fallen, she would have fallen on the tar hairs. It is a transit point for hunters and hikers, it should have been discovered long ago. before 16 February “details Pascal Prézelin, who remembers that the search dog did not find anything during the gendarmerie hunts.

My feeling is that the body was lost by afterwards.

Pascal Prézelin, husband of Laurence Prézelin.

Pascal Prézelin now seems convinced “that the body was deposited after”.

La Rochelle Deputy Prosecutor Clément Incerti, who is in charge of the investigation, is also surprised that the body was not discovered during the search.

The investigation can be long. Investigators are still awaiting the final results of the autopsy. The results of toxicological and anatomopathological analyzes could make it possible to determine whether the death was natural or associated with the ingestion of toxic substances. If the test results pathology will not be known for several months, according to the prosecution, thethe first elements could fall within a week with the conclusions of the toxicological studies.

Did Laurence Prézelin consume alcohol or drugs that could have caused his death? This is one of the tracks whileThe autopsy has so far not revealed any signs of violence.

Hearings will continue to try to shed light on this mysterious death.

A summoning of witnesses was launched in February 2022.


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