A wife sends this selfie to her husband, we all see the same thing

Woman: The story that Objeko tells you today is about a dynamic and ambitious young couple. The young bride working at a distance keeps in touch with her husband through instant messaging. But when you send a picture,

A revealing detail photo

Thomas and his wife Iris have been married for several years. Between them is crazy love. It’s very simple, they never leave each other! Well, almost never. They are a dynamic couple who work hard. Sometimes work keeps them apart. Fortunately, today it is easy to stay in touch all the time. Our smartphones and computers facilitate our remote connections, via the telephone network or the Internet. And let’s not forget social media either!

So when his wife Iris went on vacation, Thomas remained in constant contact with her. One evening, the beautiful young woman sends him a picture showing him her new purchase, a very elegant dress. Thomas is happy to see his wife in this dress, which highlights her. The young woman sends him another snapshot. That’s when the man notices something. By zooming in on the two shots, there is no longer any doubt. His wife is not wearing her wedding ring!

Thomas is completely saddened by this discovery. He does not know what to do, totally shocked at his discovery. He’s sure, Iris is unfaithful to him. And he can not help but think of the sulfur-containing past of the woman he married …

Iris: a woman with a sulfur-containing past

Iris is a dynamic and very beautiful young woman. She is a model wife and lives a perfect married life with her husband Thomas. But a few years earlier, his story was a whole different one. Before Iris became a tidy wife, she was actually a playmate in Los Angeles. She therefore did charming modeling on behalf of the very famous Playboy charm magazine. In addition, she hosted Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy mansion. This mansion is known for its warm evenings that bring together all the cream of fashion and culture.

Despite the place’s very burning reputation, Iris really enjoyed her job. It was only after meeting Thomas that she decided to stop everything to finally get married and have a more orderly life. Now a fulfilled woman, Iris makes a living by modeling for ready-to-wear brands. The couple is based in Portugal, but the young woman often travels around the world to take photographs, depending on the contracts she lands. She does not forget her husband Thomas, with whom she has a close relationship. But until now she always carried her alliance …

Thomas’ wife explains

Thomas is crushed. He knows full well that his wife is coveted for her great beauty. there is no doubt. But until now, he had never doubted his allegiance. Iris is always there for him through messages. She constantly calls him and tells him all about her days. But this time, she clearly has something to hide. He then decides to wait for her return to confront her with the situation.

Two days later, Iris returns from her journey. She is wearing the same dress that she sent a picture to her husband. She also wears her wedding ring. It is then that Thomas decides to hold his wife accountable. He even threatens to file for divorce! Iris has no choice but to get clean.

No, the young woman is not unfaithful to her husband. But she really took off her wedding ring. If Iris was on tour, it was not for a photoshoot. The young woman has just found a job as a hostess in a men’s club. It’s a job that reminds him a lot of his time as a playmate at the Playboy mansion. Above all, it is a job that pays a lot. The gentlemen in question, however, tend to give single hostesses better tips. Iris, having noticed this, therefore decided to withdraw her alliance. It worked quite well for the beautiful young woman who could afford a very beautiful dress. For Thomas, the pill had a hard time going over. Nevertheless, love was fortunately stronger than adversity. Relieved that his wife was not unfaithful to him, he promised not to question his words again.

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